Spanish chain claims UK diners deserve better

A Spanish restaurant chain has reconfigured its menu to create a range of traditional, modestly-priced tapas dishes following a report that claims UK diners deserve more authentic cuisine.

Mas Q Menos, which operates more than 30 restaurants across the UK and Spain, sprang into action after UK market research firm Mintel accused ethnic cuisine restaurants of failing to provide Brits with authentic dishes and value for money when dining out.

Crisol Cacheiro, managing director of Mas Q Menos, said he agrees with the view that many consumers still think of eating out as a treat and so look for real value for money from restaurants.

“Diners deserve to be served high quality, exciting dishes which are a genuine reflection of the food served in the native country,” he said. “We also believe that good food shouldn’t cost the earth and we’re passionate about encouraging more people to try native Spanish cuisine.”

Mas Q Menos’ executive chef, Albert Teres, who has prepared Spanish dishes in professional kitchens for more than 20 years, added that many restaurants were guilty of masking unappetising dishes with strong spices.

“Diners are becoming much more knowledgeable about their food and certainly from our perspective, the focus always has been, and will continue to be, on simply offering the best quality ingredients in our dishes”.

Mas Q Menos has reconstructed its menu to offer an authentic tapas selection that features over a dozen dishes priced from £4.50.

In addition to the usual favourites such as Patatas Bravas, it includes less well-known offerings such as Manchego Style Ratatouille with Egg, and Galician-Style Octopus.




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