Synergy Grill nets £250k from private investors to fund market growth

Synergy Grill, the chargrill manufacturer based in Cambridgeshire, has received more than £250,000 of investment from private investors.

The successful initial round of funding is part of a larger fundraising process designed to implement the company’s growth strategy.

Synergy’s goal is to make its advanced British technology the natural ‘grill of choice’ for modern catering establishments, starting in the UK with the opportunity to spread globally.

Its flagship equipment has now been installed in more than 200 dining outlets across the UK and South Africa. Current clients include Galvin Hop, Assado, Hall & Woodhouse, McMullens & Sons Limited, Firmdale Group, Peach Pubs, TLC Inns LTD, Hook Naughton Brewery and Lovely Pubs.Synergy Grill

Synergy claims that its grill can slash gas consumption by an average of 52% and, as fat is instantly atomised, there’s no fat tray to clean. It also insists the product delivers better tasting and more succulent food as vapour is re-dispersed back into food as it is atomised.

Gary Evans, managing director of Synergy Grill, said: “It’s a great bit of British kit. Chefs are happy as they have a grill that’s cool to cook over all day, fast, makes food seriously succulent and tasty and there’s no fat tray to clean daily. Proprietors are happy too as gas bills are halved, Synergy Grills don’t need to be on all day because they heat up in 20 minutes which reduces the cost per plate and they don’t have to responsibly dispose of fatty waste any more.”

Justin Cadbury, chairman of Synergy Grill, added: ““British technology is winning through and chefs can now deliver a better and wider range of food products at a lower cost. Synergy is the first real change in grill technology for 20 years and has won several awards. Its financial payback is rapid, customers prefer the better food and chefs get safer cleaner kitchens.”

Synergy Grill is the trading name of Active Food Systems, which was founded four years ago.

The product was constructed overseas at one point, but it is now entirely made in Britain after the company decided to bring the manufacturing of it back home. The steel comes from Soham in Cambridgeshire, cast iron from Dudley, West Midlands, the ceramics from Sheffield and the grills are assembled in Cambridgeshire.




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