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‘One-stop’ digital water filtration portal launched for foodservice operators

‘One-stop’ digital water filtration portal launched for foodservice operators

3M has launched a microsite dedicated to offering free expert advice about water filtration for businesses ranging from pubs and high-street restaurants to servicing companies. The company’s one-stop portal is designed to help companies save money and improve the quality of food and drink through water filtration. The site offers ‘easy-to-follow’ videos and informational brochures covering the

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3M devises new system to stop catering equipment scaling up

3M has launched a new range of water filtration solutions for the catering and hospitality industries, offering more capabilities and user control in its products than ever before. Among a host of other benefits, the ScaleGard Blend Series of cartridges and filter heads from 3M – now available in the UK and Ireland – reduces

ScaleGard HP Reverse Osmosis System

3M tackles water quality for cafes and restaurants

3M claims restaurants can look forward to higher quality water faster after unveiling its latest ScaleGard HP Reverse Osmosis System. The company says the equipment provides “three times greater” Reverse Osmosis (RO) capacity than previous generations, delivering a faster supply of recipe quality water with proven reliability. The new high-production RO filter at the heart