Tom’s Kitchen specs British-made Synergy Grill for high heat

Restaurant group Tom’s Kitchen has plumped for a British-made Synergy grill to power its prime cooking set-up at its branch in Chelsea.

The restaurant, run by acclaimed chef Tom Aikens, has taken order of a SG900 model. Tom’s Kitchen bids to use the very best seasonal and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, so the purchase fits with its ethos of working with British suppliers.

The steel used in the Synergy Grill comes from Cambridgeshire, while the cast iron is from the West Midlands and ceramics from Yorkshire. The grills are assembled in Cambridgeshire.

Aikens said: “Synergy Grills are the most fuel efficient and robust grills you can get. They are easy to clean and operate, but most importantly will give you the highest amount of heat you will need to cook anything on.”

The Synergy Grill revolves around a patented gas burner system which works at an incredibly hot temperature. High heat atomises fat so there’s no fat tray for chefs to clean and they don’t need to worry about the disposal of fatty waste.Synergy Grill

The water vapour that’s released from the fat is also absorbed back into the food, creating a juicier, more intense flavour.

Gary Evans, managing director of Synergy Grill, said: “This is the only product of this type in the world and it will provide them with unique benefits. Fat atomising technology creates an extra juicy and succulent product whilst using 52% less gas and with no fat tray to clean. These factors support the industry’s focus on cutting energy consumption and responsibly disposing of FOGs, which is a pertinent issue in Britain’s major cities.”




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