TREND REPORT: CESA says conventional suites are still flying high

CESA believes that despite a host of new technologies vying for the budget, the conventional cooking suite is still popular, because it’s familiar and versatile.

The association asserted that induction hobs are growing in popularity due to their combination of energy saving, temperature control, speed and safety.

“Beauty is a big trend,” stated CESA. “Increasingly, manufacturers and kitchen designers are having to take account of looks as well as function. It’s not just a matter of making the workplace visually pleasing for staff – more and more kitchens are open to the customer’s view, so equipment has to look the part. Smooth lines, attractive handles, oversize, colourful control panels – they’re all part of the mix.”

The association believes that cooking suites lend themselves to this aesthetic, as they are often available in different colours to add “élan” to the kitchen. “Plus they’re a very flexible, practical way for a kitchen brigade to cook,” CESA said.

Furthermore, with the increasing popularity of Asian cooking, the wok or Chinese range is becoming a common option. “It’s a great feature for theatre or front of house cooking and cook-to-order preparation,” commented CESA.

A wok range is designed to get to high temperatures of about 315°C. They often have a water bath under the burner area, which not only keeps the whole area cool but is also said to make it much easier to clean.

The association concluded: “Cooking suites are amongst the biggest energy consuming appliances in the kitchen. Given rising energy prices, it’s well worth paying extra for a more energy efficient model; it will certainly repay the investment through lower running costs.”




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