Unox maps out web generation of combi ovens

Unox has taken the covers off a new range of web-connected ovens for the UK catering industry, unveiling a series of features that it says will offer chefs more control over the way they cook food than ever before.

Key customers and distributors were invited to Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire this week to get their first look at the new ‘Mind Map’ ovens, which are available in the market for order straight away.

Unox MD Nicola Michelon flew in especially from the manufacturer’s Italian headquarters to talk guests through the brand’s strategy before UK managing director Gary Nunn took to the stage to outline the main features of the equipment.

“Unox Cheftop Mind Maps break down the barriers between your idea and the dish you serve, offering complete control of the cooking process and maximum creative freedom,” he said. “Mind Maps is a touch-screen technology that allows a chef to draw his temperature, time and humidity settings directly onto the screen without pressing any numbers.”

Nunn said that operators who don’t need or want to use the Mind Maps technology can simply refer to the automatic modes that they are already familiar with on Unox ovens.

The introduction of an internet-connected oven as standard offers the operator of multiple units the opportunity to access usage information and upload new settings and programs remotely.

Nunn said it was the first time that this technology had been made available in the UK and would allow operators to update combi ovens at multiple sites in different locations from a single screen.

3G, wireless and direct connection will also enable companies to remotely monitor energy consumption, allowing them to spot issues before they arise and track operational behaviour.




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