Vapour CTU protects steam cooking equipment

European Water Care has rolled out an extended range of Vapour calcium treatment units that are designed to increase capacity and optimise scale reduction for combi ovens and other steam cooking equipment.

The company says the new lines are ideal for all combi ovens, with an extensive range of sizes, connections, fittings and hoses.

As well as improved capacity, the WRAS-approved units now come with a clearly branded wrap, size indicator and exchange frequency notification to minimise potential exposure to hard water.

The CTU Vapour will prevent lime scale build-up, which can attack heating elements, oven chambers and level probe sensors found in combi ovens. When exchanged at appropriate intervals, the CTU Vapour will fully protect equipment from the effects of hard water and will prevent expensive service calls and de-scales, which lead to unwanted and costly kitchen downtime.

The UK manufactured units are 100% recyclable and offer a sustainable, cost-effective solution to reduce equipment operating and maintenance costs, according to European Water Care.

The company says it now offers a nationwide exchange and monitoring service that includes a ‘scale-free’ guarantee.




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