Veeno cafe chain opens talks to raise capital to become a national brand

After launching five Italian wine cafes in the last two years, the most recent in Nottingham, the directors of Italian wine café Veeno have confirmed plans to open a further three venues.

Andrea Zecchino and Nino Caruso, who run the business, said they will expand the business to Bristol, Edinburgh and Harrogate.

Furthermore, the new launches will be the catalyst for further growth, with the duo revealing their goal is to open up to 10 venues within the next 12 months.

“We want to be in the most important cities of the UK,” said Zecchino about the chain’s choice of locations. “We think Bristol, especially the Temple Quay area, is a new area of the city with exciting plans for the next few years. Edinburgh is a big market with a lot of competition and we need to be there to bring the Veeno brand to a national level. Harrogate is smaller, but it’s the perfect niche market to promote a high quality food and drink offer.”

The latest acquisitions are funded by individual investors and a number of business angels. Further talks are currently in progress also in order to raise further capital to roll out more venues in the coming years. Veeno’s ultimate ambition is have upwards of 70 sites by 2020.

Caruso said: “We are excited to be expanding the Veeno brand out into new regions and creating up to 10 new jobs in each of those areas. Our team members are a key asset to us and help us deliver the authentic Aperitivo culture!”




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