Vivreau seals the deal for new line of devices

Water filtration and dispense specialist Vivreau has moved into a new line of equipment with the launch of an in-house sealer aimed at hotels, conference venues and restaurant groups.

The product has been created to ensure water is served in the most hygienic way possible, allowing operators to seal open bottles in less than three seconds.

Vivreau claims the device will maintain the freshness of water in the bottle from the moment it is filled. The product heat-seals the plastic around the cap, which then can only be removed by pulling a blue line tear strip.

Stephen Charles, managing director of Vivreau, said: “In-house table water bottling Systems have seen significant growth over the past few years where more and more establishments are looking to invest in environmentally friendly ways to provide bottled water.

By utilising our new designer bottle heat dealer, outlets can assure the customer that the water inside is as pure and clean as it was from the moment it was dispensed, without having the four to five minute wait associated with wet sealers.”

The heat sealer is designed and manufactured by Vivreau but it only works with Vivreau designer glass bottles.

However, it is compatible with the table water bottling Systems and, as well as bottles used in conjunction with the Vi Tap Plus.




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