Waste firm gains UK sales rights for liquid composter

Compactors Direct is set to unveil a new liquid food composter for the UK restaurant market.

The Hertfordshire-based company has the sole UK distribution rights for the US-made Power Knot Liquid Food Composter (LFC), which turns most food waste into grey water within 24 hours.

The LFC is a fully enclosed automatic food digesting machine that can digest both raw and cooked food waste including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, bread, rice and noodles.

The only output is water which is suitable for disposal down a grey water drain, according to the company.

The LFC employs and accelerates a series of processes in which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the presence of oxygen. This acceleration is achieved with the unit’s patented mixture of naturally occurring microbes and enzymes as well as the optimisation of aeration, moisture and temperature levels within the LFC.

The LFC starts at £15,000 or £85 per week with a typical payback of six months to two years, according to the firm.

Mercedes Hemingway-Price, head of recycling and waste development at Compactors Direct, said: “The LFC is simple to operate and greatly reduces the cost of food waste disposal by diverting it from costly landfill, helping businesses save money, achieve zero waste and reduce their carbon footprint. The unit is ideal for hotels, restaurants and supermarkets and has recently been taken up by Planet Organic, Natural Kitchen, Pure Foods Of London and Goldsmiths’ Hall.”

The LFC’s display panel accurately reports the amount of waste disposed of and CO2 saved which can be accessed remotely via the unit’s cloud connectivity to compare data from multiple sites.




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