10 handy products to help restaurants become Covid-secure

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As commercial kitchens begin to reopen, it is clear that operators will need to adapt their normal way of working to comply with heightened cleaning guidelines and social distancing. But it’s not all about gloves and face masks — catering equipment suppliers are rising to the challenge with a range of products that make it easier for restaurants to operate under the new conditions they face.

FEJ has trawled the market to find a selection of products that will make kitchens and catering areas Covid-compliant and take the stress out of getting any foodservice operation firing on all cylinders again.

Mechline HyGenikx hygiene amplification system

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Mechline Developments’ wall-mounted HyGenikx air and surface hygiene amplification system is proven to eradicate bacteria and viruses throughout the foodservice and hospitality environment, as well as significantly prolong the life of fresh perishable food.

HyGenikx works safely all day and every day, eliminating bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi and volatile organic compounds found in the air and on exposed surfaces in a given space, even in those hardest to reach places. The range has models available to suit various applications, including food preparation areas, coldrooms, washrooms and refuse areas.

Kristian Roberts, marketing manager at Mechline Developments, says: “HyGenikx is a serious game-changer for the industry. Not only does it take hygiene standards to levels impossible to achieve with traditional methods, it prolongs the life of food.

“In a controlled, experimental trial, we’ve seen HyGenikx prolong the life of fresh produce in a cold store by an average of 58%, which is an average increase in shelf-life of over a week. Food waste is a significant cost to most businesses, and by helping to prevent it HyGenikx provides a real opportunity for foodservice operators to take control and save money.”


Lincat ‘zero contact’ water boiler tap adaptor

Lincat has developed a hands-free water boiler tap adaptor for all models in its FilterFlow EBFX series and legacy EB range.

It is designed to help businesses raise hygiene standards and become Covid-19 secure as they reopen. The EB Hands Free Adaptor allows users to easily dispense water by pushing a paddle with the back of their cup, removing all hand contact with the boiler.

Helen Applewhite, marketing manager for IMC and Lincat brands, says: “The protection of staff and customers is a priority for all businesses, which means premises have to meet high hygiene standards. Keeping common touch points, such as door handles and taps, clean can be a challenge, which is why we wanted to develop a solution for those using our water boilers. In designing this adaptor, our R&D team is providing our customers with a simple, low-cost accessory which will help in the fight against Covid-19.”

Constructed from hygienic stainless steel, the adaptor simply slips over the tap head, meaning it can be easily fitted to the water boiler by the end-user without any tools.

Falcon hand sanitiser stations

Falcon Foodservice Equipment is now manufacturing hand sanitiser stations to support businesses as they get back to work with enhanced hygiene measures in place. With the Covid-19 pandemic putting the emphasis on employers to provide a safe and hygienic environment for their staff, the Stirling-based company has created a product that is ideal for locating in any kind of workplace.

While the product is likely to be popular with catering suppliers in the brewery, education and healthcare sectors, it can also be used in general office environments.

The dispenser is designed for five-litre bottles or smaller pump-action hand sanitisers, and contains a COSHH-compliant box to store two refills.

Hand-operated and foot pump models are available, with sufficient room for bespoke branding and a ‘sanitise hands’ sign.

Hoshizaki self-serve ice and water dispensers

Hoshizaki UK is helping foodservice operators to minimise touchpoints and improve hygiene within their operation through its seven-strong range of self-serve DCM ice and water dispensers.

Perfect for healthcare environments, staffrooms, kitchens, leisure centres, takeaway houses, canteens and offices, Hoshizaki DCM dispensers eradicate the need for hands-on contact with ice or water.

“Each Hoshizaki DCM ice/water dispenser features a clever LED system which allows the user to refill their cup or glass with ease,” says Roz Scourfield, national sales manager at Hoshizaki. “This is done by resting your cup or glass against the lever and pressing the ice/water button to start.”

In addition to eradicating the need for users to handle ice by hand, Hoshizaki has taken hygiene precautions yet further by developing a unique lever design which prevents the lip of the cup or glass touching the machine, therefore minimising the risk of bacterial transfer.

The DCM dispenser range features models with various production capacities, starting at 60kg and reaching up to 230kg of ice per day.

Metro PrepMate workstation

Metro PrepMate is a portable multifunctional workstation which can be wheeled to any location, enabling chefs to efficiently perform a wide variety of prep tasks at a safe distance from other staff. A QwikSet option is available for PrepMate which effortlessly raises or lowers the work surface height to achieve the ideal ergonomic position.

When the prep is complete, the compact PrepMate can fit perfectly beneath a SmartLever work surface until it is required. The SmartLever system also helps operators to maximise the available space in their kitchens and other areas, so staff can work efficiently and at a safe distance from their colleagues, in line with coronavirus social distancing regulations.

SmartLever is a strong cantilever shelving system, which is quick and easy to install and enables operators to set up individual workstations and storage areas in virtually any space. Both PrepMate and SmartLever are available through Jestic, which supplies products from Metro in the UK.

Follett safety screens

Not strictly one for the kitchen, but Follett safety screens are designed to reduce the chance of infection at customer service and payment counters.

Constructed from clear, hard-wearing acrylic these screens are a simple way to reduce exposure between customers and staff. Each features a cut-out hole to facilitate payment and the range includes a number of variations to account for most counter types.

This includes free-standing self-supporting units, a unit with a sturdy stainless steel base and suction cups, and a model with a thumbscrew mounting under the counter, perfect for a desk or kiosk counter. No tools are required for installation allowing it to be deployed quickly with little or no disruption to service.

There is also a ceiling-mounted unit which can be suspended from a ceiling grid by cables. The screen incorporates counter brackets to prevent the unit swinging, making it just as safe as the counter mounted units. The 5mm acrylic sheet is sturdy and hard-wearing, and simple to clean. Both the size and the location of the cut-out can be adjusted according to requirements.


RH Hall handwash station

RH Hall’s Hallco RHAMHWS+ ambient mobile hand wash station is aimed at sites that need to introduce additional hand-washing facilities. The unit features hygienic, hands-free operation, a 20-litre freshwater container and a 25-litre dirty water container.

Constructed from 304 grade stainless steel, the mobile hand wash station includes a swivel deck mounted tap and a foot-operated manual heavy duty pump. A splashback with hook on a paper towel dispenser and a soap holder is included as standard, as well as a removable six-litre waste bin and a removable rear door with lock. Additional water and waste containers and bins are available on request.

Two 75mm heavy duty castors are installed to rear, with each holding up to 140kg. Dimensions are 603 (W) x 455 (D) x 1145mm (H), including splashback. With ambient water operation, the mobile hand wash station requires no electrical or mains water connection.

The wash station comes with a 12-month parts-only warranty, and a bespoke branding service is available for organisations that wish to customise the product with their brand and corporate colours.

Moduline Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser

The new Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser from Italian manufacturer Moduline is proven to distribute H2O2 at effective levels to inactivate the Covid-19 virus, both in the air and on surfaces, and is therefore ideal for operators looking to complement current manual cleaning regimes.

It dispenses a fine mist of hydrogen peroxide solution (7.5%), which is considered to be highly effective in the inactivation of the Covid-19 virus.

The biocide action of the hydrogen peroxide also neutralises other viruses and bacteria which may be present. The hydrogen peroxide used is diluted in a specific solution so is totally safe to use and also does not have a corrosive effect on materials.

Treating an area with the Moduline Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser can be carried out quickly and easily, making it possible to re-enter the treated environment after 20 to 30 minutes from the end of the spraying cycle without any risk to staff or customers as the main components of the mixture are water and oxygen. The system is supplied in the UK by Jestic Foodservice Solutions.Wexiodisk PRM and sorting units

Wexiodisk insists its patented PRM (Pre-Rinse Machine) concept and sorting unit can help operators to abide by social distancing measures within commercial wash-up areas. The two solutions eradicate the need for pre-rinsing and sorting by hand, which in turn minimises the requirement for groups of staff to be in the warewashing area at one time.

David Glover, UK & Ireland country manager at Wexiödisk, says: “For example, with the PRM, the kitchen porter simply brings the dirty items to the wash-up zone and places them directly in to the wash rack. Once filled, they push these into the PRM which automatically takes care of an outstandingly thorough pre-rinse process. On the clean side of the washing zone — which can be many metres apart from the dirty zone if an operator wishes — another member of staff can then take responsibility of the clean baskets of crockery and cutlery.”

By assigning these warewashing tasks to two separate members of staff, Wexiodisk says that foodservice operators will in turn be preventing the need for a single person to keep switching between the clean and dirty side of the washing area, thereby minimising the risk of cross-contamination.

Antunes hand wash timer

Regular and thorough hand washing remains central to government guidelines designed to restrict the spread of coronavirus. Businesses reopening after lockdown are advised to raise awareness among employees and customers about good hand-washing technique.

The Hand Wash Timer from Antunes displays a repeating 20-second countdown as a visual reminder of the recommended time for efficient hand washing.

Steve Morris, sales director at Jestic, says: “Maintaining optimum hand hygiene levels has always been crucial for foodservice operators and never more so as the industry looks to welcome back customers as coronavirus lockdown measures ease. The Antunes Hand Wash Timer requires no user intervention to operate or activate and provides a simple, visual reminder for customers and staff to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.”

The Hand Wash Timer includes a mounting kit with adhesive which will attach to any surface and runs on two AA batteries with an estimated operating life of up to three years.

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