12 cooking appliances that have caught our eye this year and you need to know about

Winston CVap

From high speed ovens and intelligent fryers to pizza ovens and multifunctional cooking systems, here are 12 different cooking appliances that have caught our idea during the last 12 months.

Sveba Dahlen P601 High Temp pizza oven

Let’s start with a pizza oven from a brand that knows a thing or two about these appliances. The P601 High Temp pizza oven won’t suit every foodservice environment, but it ticks all the right boxes for any operator excited by the prospect of being able to bake Neapolitan pizzas in 60 to 120 seconds by getting up to temperatures of 500˚C.

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The highly efficient heating system distributes heat in three zones resulting in uniform baking, while the high level of insulation and exclusive ceramic glass in the doors mean the oven chamber retains heat more effectively and ensures a comfortable working environment. The user-friendly control panel on the P601 allows the user to regulate upper and lower heating separately and includes turbo and power-saving functions.

The P601 is ready to bake in just 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the preferred temperature and includes authentic pizza stones which have been developed in collaboration with Italian pizza bakers to help achieve the rich flavour and airy crusts typical of Neapolitan pizzas.

Winston CVap 7-Series Cook & Hold

The Winston CVap 7-Series Cook & Hold is a clever piece of kit that can prove, roast, bake, poach and braise to hold the product for perfect presentation. CVap stands for ‘Controlled Vapour’ which produces a vapour laden environment with the exact amount of moisture needed to prevent even the most delicate of ingredients from drying out or overcooking.

Once the food reaches the desired state of cooking, the CVap technology automatically switches to a ‘hold cycle’ meaning ingredients can be held at the perfect condition until they are ready to be served. Globally the CVap 7-Series has proved popular with a wide variety of operators including fine dining restaurants, hotels and QSR chains, as it gives chefs precise control over a food’s temperature, moisture and texture. Its versatility also helps to improve speed of service, while decreasing wastage and provides a significant increase in yields.

The CVap technology allows the user to safely cook high risk meat products like the ‘pink burger’ before holding them in accordance with the FSA 6-log 10 cook times and temperatures. A smart new digital control panel is simple and straightforward to use and features capacitive-touch controls with HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) data download capability for temperature monitoring.

Rational iCombi Pro

The iCombi Pro is the most intelligent cooking platform that Rational has ever produced, with the model offering 50% higher productivity, 10% shorter cooking time and 10% lower energy consumption compared to its predecessor, while still guaranteeing outstanding uniformity, even at full loads.

The cooking intelligence of the iCombi Pro is based on the Maillard reaction, the chemical formula for the browning reaction in food, which Rational has decrypted and translated into a software algorithm. Together with sensors, which send actual data such as size, quantity and condition of the food product from the cooking cabinet, the iCombi Pro regulates the entire cooking path precisely and always with reproducible results.

If conditions such as the temperature of the food product or the duration of the door opening change, the iCookingSuite will intelligently adjust the cooking path. Whatever is being cooked, and however much is being cooked, it will always be cooked as quickly as possible and in high quality. Additional fan wheels, optimised cooking cabinet geometry and higher dehumidification performance enable up to 50% bigger loads and shorter cooking times compared to the previous model.

Mareno IFry

The fully connected IFRY commercial fryer is a product of new restaurant trends including more specialised menus and the growth of chains. The latest line of fryers combines user-friendly technology, high performance and connectivity to provide a system that standardises cooking processes, boosts productivity and improves food quality.

It is equipped with innovative software that automates a number of operations and enables easy communication with the operator. Each IFRY model has a highly intuitive 7-inch electronic touchscreen display with a graphic interface that allows the operator to keep a constant eye on the temperature of the oil in the tank and the program settings, cook with a high level of accuracy (+/-1°C) and manage up to 30 programs or recipes.

Recipes, which can each have a photo of the cooked product linked to them, can also be exported via USB and transferred to other fryers. The software automatically regulates the cooking time depending on the type and quantity of food placed in the fryer, leading to higher quality fried food, extending the length of time the oil can be used and generating significant economic savings.

Unox Bakerlux Speed.Pro

The Bakerlux Speed.Pro is the first ever oven that is both a traditional convection oven and an innovative speed-oven, giving operators greater bang for their buck from a single footprint.

It can be used to bake frozen items in one mode, and heat and toast a range of foods, including sandwiches, lasagne and burritos, in the other. For those wondering about output, the appliance is able to bake 27 croissants in 16 minutes, 18 baguettes in 18 minutes or three focaccias in 14 minutes.

In speed mode, the oven accelerates cooking times by combining ‘intense’ ventilation and microwaves and can heat four club sandwiches in 125 seconds, 250g of lasagne in 100 seconds or 250g of chicken wings in 110 seconds. The oven is particularly suited to operators looking to create a bakery plus food offer, or for outlets that want to put multiple protein options on the menu but are lacking space, such as railway stations, airports or kiosks.

Rational Vario 2-XS

The Vario 2-XS is a great option for smaller kitchens desiring maximum versatility. The two-pan cooking system works with contact heat and can take on routine tasks, allowing operators to achieve maximum productivity. The cornerstone is iVarioBoost the first intelligent energy management system, which regulates the heat over the entire surface and has sufficient reserve capacity to sear 4.5kg of casserole meat in 6.5 minutes including the preheating phase.

The cooking intelligence iCookingSuite detects the condition and size of the food and regulates the cooking path so that you only need to intervene if the cooking system calls. The iVario 2-XS consists of two pans which can be heated differently. Each has a 2/3 GN base surface and a 17-litre capacity.

The display in the middle of the cooking system is clearly arranged so that the user can view both pans at the same time. In addition to the operating modes for meat, fish, poultry or side dishes, the user can now select cooking methods such as frying pan or deep-fat fryer.

Synergy Grill chargrill oven

The Synergy Chargrill Oven combines the key features of the brands’ grill with the most desired features of a commercial oven, offering a compelling solution for operators that are looking to expand their menus from a single unit. From crisp pizzas and breads, right through to succulent veggies, burgers and whole roast chickens, the best-of-both Synergy Chargrill Oven is able to steam, smoke, slow-cook and grill any food item in an exceptionally energy efficient way.

Pitched as a perfect alternative to gas and coal-guzzling chargrills and charcoal ovens, Synergy’s Chargrill Oven requires no charcoal and uses up to 72% less gas than a standard chargrill, according to the brand. This is thanks to the product’s unique lid and temperature control, which together, work to safely keep heat within the cavity of the chargrill oven.

This efficient retention of heat also allows operators to significantly slash their cooking times. In fact, so efficient is the Synergy Chargrill Oven that it can cook many products in half the time of a standard chargrill which of course allows operators to drastically improve their food turnaround. Furthermore, Synergy’s Chargrill Oven features a unique temperature control which allow chefs to maintain their desired cooking temperature within a few degrees.

Falcon Xpress high speed ovens

Falcon has ventured into the high speed oven market with three separate compact models that offer a choice of sizes, power levels and capacities. All are countertop units that combine powerful microwave technology with other cooking methods, which vary depending on the model, so that the ovens can produce hot, flavoursome food quickly and with appropriate levels of browning, toasting and crispness.

By combining microwave technology with different cooking methods, such as infra-red or convection, and offering a selection of sizes, caterers have a choice of high speed ovens that can be specified to suit their style of cooking and their menu.

For example, operators might specify a Falcon Xpress with the combination of microwave and impingement, which is ideal for a variety of products, from toasted sandwiches to grilled salmon steaks. Meanwhile another model combines microwave with convection, which is ideal for an operator wanting to bake products such as meat pies or scones, as well as to cook products such as pizzas.

Frymaster FQ4000 easyTouch fryer

The Frymaster FQ4000 easyTouch opens up a world of frying options by allowing caterers to experience frying at its finest, yet simplest form. The addition of an intuitive, seven-inch colour touchscreen provides one-touch access to pioneering frying controls such as auto filtration and quality control display, both of which enable the operator to filter the oil at the simple touch of the screen, at the optimum time.

Designed to help caterers guarantee excellent frying results, the FQ4000 easyTouch control panel also has the added benefit of holding pre-loaded cooking profiles, meaning operators can conveniently tailor their fryer according to their menus. This system not only reduces the risk of errors during busy service periods, but it also ensures that high quality, consistent fry results are achieved.

The FQ4000 also boasts SMART4U technology, such as the Oil Attendant. This system automatically replenishes oil from an in-cabinet supply which minimises oil handling, thus improving efficiency and reducing health and safety risk.

Cuppone Giotto 2.0

The second generation of the Cuppone Giotto pizza oven – it launched its first model 11 years ago – was well worth waiting for. It can be programmed to turn on automatically at days and times of the operator’s choosing and start performing at predetermined settings which are customised to cook specific dishes to perfection.

For example, if a catering operation cooks bread on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, they can programme the oven to switch itself on at 8am on these days and automatically begin reaching the optimum temperature and power settings for baking bread. The new Giotto is also designed to boost productivity in high demand catering operations.

Users can customise the speed and direction of the base’s rotation to the optimum specifications for loading and unloading the oven with maximum ease and efficiency, boosting productivity by up to 20%, according to the brand. The rotational base also removes a lot of skill out of loading and unloading a full deck, making it ideal for those with limited experience.

Bonnet Precipan

Hobart’s newest Bonnet Precipan lines – which now come in a 100 litre or 150 litre version – can be incorporated into a compact cooking suite and allow chefs to perform up to nine different functions including grilling, braising, sauté, pan frying, steaming, smoking, boiling and simmering.

Putting productivity and performance front and centre of the modern kitchen, the new models benefit from the very latest touchscreen technology and a much simplified user interface, allowing total control over multiple cooking times.

Bonnet estimates that the multifunctional workhorse that uses 30% less kitchen space but has the functionality to master 80% of modern menus. From a capacity perspective, meanwhile, chefs should comfortably be able to cater for up to 500 people at a time.

Lincat Opus 800 induction hobs

Induction hobs themselves aren’t anything new to Lincat’s portfolio but the two-zone OE8018 and four-zone OE8019 models deserve a shout-out because they have been developed in response to demand from operators that want to be able to accommodate bigger pans and deliver heat to a larger area.

The zones of the new models measure 270mm in diameter, compared to the 220mm size of the range’s existing OE8013 and OE8014 hobs. Increasing the width of the units and the size of the induction surface itself delivers fast heat-up to a bigger area. At the same time, multiple internal cooling fans provide protection against overheating and extend service life. An easy-to-change filter, built into the base, allows simple maintenance with no need for an engineer.

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