Marriott Heathrow slashes bills after potwash shake-up

Granuldisk at Marriott Hotel London Heathrow

The Marriott Hotel at London Heathrow believes it could be saving as much as two million litres of water a year after deploying a Granuldisk potwashing system in its kitchen.

Water metres placed on sinks and decarbonizers showed a daily consumption of 6,177 litres of water over a six-month period prior to installation. But after bringing in the Granuldisk machine, which eliminates soaking and scrubbing by using special plastic pellets on dirty wares, the hotel saved 5,665 litres of water, 202kWh of energy and 11.3 litres of chemicals.

“From my perspective it was an easy draw,” said Jim Shields, director of engineering at Marriott. “Once I learnt some of the benefits of the equipment, with the potential energy and water savings as well as the process improvements, it made a lot of sense having a truly efficient utensil washer. Also, it brings about a safer working environment for the operators with efficiencies in the labour used to carry out the work.”

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With sustainability initiatives becoming more pertinent to hospitality operators, Granuldisk is confident that its technology will be deployed by other venues within the Marriott chain.

Sean Kelly, senior executive chef Europe at Marriott Hotels, certainly agrees that the solution offers a way of reducing warewashing running costs and focuses its labour force more effectively.

“The trial at the London Heathrow Marriott has proved what a great asset to any kitchen the machine can be,” he said.

Sweden-based Granuldisk’s pot washing machines use ‘PowerGranules’, water and a small amount of detergent to mechanically scrub pots and pans clean.

Granuldisk 131016 Foto: Klas AnderssonThe blasting power combined with high temperatures washes hygienically clean in a matter of minutes, using up to 90 % less water, energy and chemicals than any other pot washing methods, according to the company.

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