65% of operators would still replace broken catering equipment with new kit, BRITA research shows

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New research from BRITA Professional suggests that professionals are more cautious than ever when it comes to taking care of commercial kitchen equipment.

A study carried out by the firm shows that if equipment were to break down, 65% of professional kitchens said they would buy new kit to replace it rather than second-hand.

However, concerns about the expense of new equipment are leading professionals to feel more pressure and stress in the kitchen, BRITA warned.

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Over 30% of operators said they were more cautious about costs since the pandemic and are looking to maintain and mend equipment where possible, so they don’t need to invest in replacements.

And 17% said they have decreased their equipment services and maintenance budget, even though there arguably couldn’t be a more important time to keep appliances operational.

Worryingly, almost a fifth of workers (18%) revealed they wouldn’t be able to easily spot a problem on equipment within their kitchen.

Speaking about the results, which are available to view in a free Beat the Breakdown Toolkit, BRITA’s UK managing director Sarah Taylor said: “The importance of simple preventative maintenance measures, to limit huge replacement costs, has never been more important.

“Not only will this save operators time, money and ensure operational efficiency, but it will also have an impact on equipment sustainability, something that our research showed is very important for 56% of professionals.

“By implementing measures such as preventative maintenance, the financial pressures for those working in the sector could be eased.

BRITA Professional specialises in water filters and Ms Taylor said this was an example of one area that can make a difference if managed properly.

“On equipment that uses water, one of the most effective ways to prevent premature breakdowns is by using the correct water filter and exchanging it on time. This can help eliminate damage and inefficiency over time caused by the build-up of limescale,” she said.

The company’s Managed Services offer suppers operators with advice on carrying out essential filter exchanges so that equipment has a longer life span.


Foodservice Equipment Journal – November 2020


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