7 food prep appliances that will make a chef’s life easier

Vitamix blender

The food prep market is a wide-ranging one full of tools designed to make life easier for chefs. FEJ picks out some of the latest devices that ensure everyday kitchen tasks can be completed with the minimum of fuss.

1. Vitamix XL variable speed blender

The Vitamix XL blender offers the ultimate in capacity and efficiency. The incredibly powerful 4.2 horsepower belt drive motor in the XL can blend a huge variety of foods from delicate tomatoes to dense meats with equal ease — whilst a tamper is included for those hard to blend recipes.

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Variable speed control and pulse function give chefs the flexibility and creativity to create a wide variety of precision textures and blends.

Performance is matched by practical benefits as the drive socket in the XL can be swapped in minutes if required.


Where the XL really comes into its own is its generous capacity. The 5.6 litre container with interlocked lid allows operators to blend up to 24 (240ml) servings at once, helping to reduce prep-time and improve efficiency.

The lid plug can also be removed to easily add ingredients while blending. An optional two litre container is also available.

2. Hallde RG250 diwash veg prep machine

The Hallde RG-250 diwash can cut food, both hard and soft, in more than 50 different ways — slicing, dicing, grating, shredding and julienning. It can even make potato chips.

The wide variety of different knives and cutting plates are interchangeable, guaranteeing continuous superior operation. The RG-250 diwash may be compact but it can handle 10kg of produce a minute, slicing, grating, dicing, shredding, cutting juliennes, and crimping slices and chips.

The unit has a tilted four-litre feed cylinder that makes it easy for the operator to add tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and any other products that require processing, hard or soft. The built-in feeder tube aids the preparation of oblong-shaped produce such as cucumbers. The product is available in the UK through Metcalfe Catering Equipment.


The pusher plate with ‘Hallde ErgoLoop’ handle and ‘Hallde PowerLink” lever system. This design simplifies filling of the RG-250 diwash and uses a lever effect from the pusher plate to facilitate the preparation of produce with a harder consistency.

3. Hobart A200 planetary mixer

The British made A200 planetary mixer is a standard-bearers for professional kitchens. The mixer has a 20-litre capacity and comes complete with a stainless steel bowl, beater, whip and hook.

The mixer has an efficient planetary action, operating on single phase, with a three-speed option, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications.

The A200 can be supplied as a floor mounted unit, or bench machine with a static or mobile stand for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Part of Hobart’s broader planetary mixer range, the easy-to-use machines bring unsurpassed quality, efficiency and reliability to the professional kitchen, saving caterers’ time and delivering consistent results.

4. Clifton Sauce Bottlewarmer

When placed on the pass, the Sauce Bottlewarmer is the perfect equipment to keep sauces and liquids warm for plate dressing.

Techniques commonly used in kitchens to keep sauces warm affect either the texture and flavour of the sauces, and this deterioration of the sauce wastes time and money.

Sauce Bottlewarmer means chefs have sauces at the ideal temperature straight away, gaining them time during service.

The device is available in different sized models to accommodate 8, 16 or 24 bottles of 230ml or 10 bottles of 1 litre, depending on the restaurant’s menu and number of covers. The product is available in the UK through Signature FSE.


Clifton Food Range developed this range in response to chefs’ demands, as many didn’t want to utilise their water baths for this purpose.

Chefs generally tend to use DIY solutions to keep sauces warm without the consistency, whereas the Sauce Bottlewarmer guarantees that all the bottles are kept upright at a chosen constant temperature.

The dial on the front can be easily adjusted to the desired temperature, to a maximum of 70°C.

5. Fimar commercial veg prep machine

The versatile Fimar vegetable preparation machine is ideal for processing fruit, vegetables and much more in a hassle-free and efficient way.

The safety switches on the handle, mouth and collection chamber ensure maximum user safety and the design makes it easy to clean after prep work is done.

The deluxe TV4000 model can be found equipped with a dedicated stainless steel collection bowl. The product is available in the UK through Cater-Bake.


Although renowned for its efficient preparation of vegetables, the machine is versatile and can be used to process all kinds of produce, fruits and cheeses.

The appliance has a huge throughput per hour and caterers can feed endless produce through the large hopper.

6. Prince Castle Saber King Mini all-in-one slicer

The Prince Castle Saber King Mini is an all-in-one slicer, perfect for prepping a wide range of vegetables and fruits quickly and safely.

With the capacity to slice, dice, cut and wedge, the space-saving unit reduces the number of specialist slicers required in a kitchen set-up, and lowers the labour load for kitchen staff by being able to slice multiple pieces at once.

Constructed from robust aluminium, the sleek chassis is multi-purpose while interchangeable blade sets can be quickly fitted.

It is easy to use, with just one single motion required for a consistent cut. Operator safety is ensured by patented blade covers, which also help make the Saber King Mini easy to keep clean. The product is available in the UK through FEM.


The new Saber King Mini is 40% narrower and 2kg lighter than the original appliance produced by Prince Castle.

It might be small in stature, with a footprint that is 30% more compact than the Saber King, but the Mini still has the same slicing capacity for most produce. The unit is geared towards kitchens that have less space to prepare ingredients.

7. HotmixPRO Gastro commercial thermal mixer

With its 1500W durable motor, speeds of up to 12’500 rpm and the ability to heat to 190°C with degree-by-degree temperature control, HotmixPRO Gastro suits a huge variety of catering and foodservice operations, from chopping and blending, to whipping and whisking.

All of the ingredients can be put into the bowl, and the expected result can be achieved easily thanks to the ultra-precise temperature control.

HotmixPRO will mix the contents of the bowl steadily and uniformly, at the selected speed and temperature, so that exact preparation is guaranteed every time.

This programmable recipe memory dramatically decreases the risk of human error during the most complex of preparations, thus saving time and improving workflow within the kitchen. The product is available in the UK through Mitchell & Cooper.


As the operator’s presence is not constantly required, a great number of preparations can be made by simply inserting the ingredients into the bowl, selecting a recipe from one of the pre-stored programs, and pressing the start button to allow the HotmixPRO Gastro to work its magic unattended for up to four hours.

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