80% of operators never use their dishwashers to their full potential

Classeq warewasher

Classeq claims that a survey it carried out shows that pubs, hotels and restaurants prefer to have simpler, easy to use and reliable warewashing equipment over machines packed with various features and wash options.

The British manufacturer said that more than 75% of operators interviewed in its poll felt that technological advancement in warewashing has introduced non-essential features and unnecessary complexity, with 83% of respondents saying that they didn’t use all the programmes that feature on their machines.

96% said that performance and reliability were more important to them than having the latest technology features when it came to influencing factors in the decision to buy a new warewasher.

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Adam Lenton, marketing manager at Classeq, said: “The findings are a very strong indication that it’s not always about having additional features to a machine; often operators are actually looking for a warewasher that is reliable, consistently performs, gets good results and more importantly is really easy to use, especially for the smaller independent operators.”

Mr Lenton said that when it comes to purchasing new equipment, the survey identified reliability as the top factor, followed by effectiveness and quality of wash and ease of maintenance.

“These are the elements that operators said were of most interest to them when specifying warewashing equipment for their establishment,” he commented. “It’s all about the final results and the least stressful and most effective way of achieving a top-quality wash and finish to all crockery, in line with available space, footfall and cost.”

Classeq did not detail how many pubs, hotels and restaurants were interviewed for the survey.

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