Accurate reporting in kitchens no longer has to be a chore for chains

Monika total food safety system

Monika has developed what it calls a ‘total food safety system’ to help operators keep abreast of food safety measures and ongoing hygiene standards without drowning in paperwork.  

The system contains a range of advanced features designed to simplify a company’s compliance with regulation and legislation, as well as provide ongoing efficiencies by freeing up resources so that operators can get on with their core business.

By automatically scheduling tasks and wirelessly collecting and recording data about food hygiene, temperatures and working conditions, operators that use the system can be confident they’re offering a safe dining experience at all times, Monika said.

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The system monitors readings in real time and instantly highlights any non-compliance issues, allowing for rapid rectification. It can cover everything from hygiene tasks to food storage and cooked food temperatures.

The system is accurate and protected against falsification, a common concern for business managers operating a traditional paper based system, according to the firm. The paperless nature of the system allows secure remote viewing.

For chains and groups especially, the system can represent significant cost savings in staff time, product loss and charges for the printing and delivery of paper food safety materials.

Rag Hulait, UK director of sales at Monika, said: “Monika has been providing innovative wireless technology for the most demanding foodservice locations and businesses. Our expert team of dedicated service engineers will assist with installation, service and on-site calibration to provide a complete installation service.

“Our reporting system combined with the Monika cloud hosting technology means that accurate reporting and monitoring of results can happen anywhere in the world at any time of day. Ideal for large chains, groups and franchises, the system can also be used by independent operators and business managers looking to ensure efficiency standards even when they’re outside their business.”

Mr Hulait added that Monika’s total food safety solutions are based on the principles of HACCP reporting and therefore it assists with a business’ implementation and demonstration of compliance with legislation governed by the Food Standards Agency.

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