Adande cabinet solves ‘cold-aisle syndrome’ for energy-conscious retailers


Adande Refrigeration believes its new Sarma open-display refrigerated cabinet is the answer for energy-conscious retailers that are fed up of ‘cold-aisle syndrome’.

The integral, open-display retail cabinet has achieved a C rated energy label, as per the new 2021 Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Legislation, which was introduced to steer buyers towards more energy efficient products.

The regulation has been defined so that no products should be rated in bands A-C in order to leave room for improved product development by manufacturers.

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Adande said the Sarma cabinet scores significantly better than other open cabinets of a similar size currently on the market today.

It allows shoppers to get close to products unhindered and without the impediment of a glass door thanks to the use of an Aircell airflow management system, which retains the cold air within the cabinet to ensure a constant temperature and humidity.

It provides better energy performance than cabinets fitted with shelf edge air guides and uses energy similar to that of cabinets with glass doors, but with the benefit of easier accessibility and greater opportunities for food sales.

Global sales director, Karl Hodgson, said: “The Sarma cabinet is a real winner for retailers who are energy conscious, are looking to avoid ‘cold-aisle syndrome’ for shoppers. In addition, with an open cabinet you not only remove the viral touchpoints of glass doors but also the cleaning and maintenance costs associated with them too.

“It is little wonder that brands such as Yo Sushi! use them, especially when they can save up to £550 per year in energy use per four foot cabinet, compared to standard E rated models, and £850 compared to F rated units. The reduction in energy, that an Adande Sarma cabinet gives, meaningfully supports an organisation’s sustainability agenda and helps reduce their carbon footprint.”

Ian Wood, managing director of Applied Design & Engineering, said the company was delighted that the integral open display cabinet has achieved a good first energy gradin due to the Aircell technology within it.

“Aircell has proved itself as an innovative solution that can be deployed for air management at sustainable, low energy usage. Aircell has won multiple industry awards and has demonstrated it is a valuable asset that can significantly enhance the performance of open display cabinets. We are excited for the future with more exciting products to come.”

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