Adande film lifts lid on Aircell as it seeks to ramp up supply

Ian Wood, managing director

Adande has produced a video showcasing its Aircell solution for the display of chilled food in retail environments as it revealed it has now begun supplying refrigeration cabinet makers with the technology.

The short film, which can be viewed HERE, highlights Aircell’s retailing, operational and duty benefits for grocery retailers.

These advantages include energy savings of in excess of 30%, tighter temperature bands for improved food quality and reduced chilled air spillage to temper the effects of ‘cold aisle syndrome’.

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Aircell achieves these goals without the need for physical barriers to shopping, such as hinged or sliding doors.

The video features a performance index, at high and low shopping volumes, comparing Aircell with glass door chillers and conventional open front multi deck cabinets.

The results demonstrate that Aircell achieves the energy savings associated with the low volume opening of glass door cabinets, whilst providing unfettered access to merchandise and ease of restocking afforded by conventional open front cabinets.

Adande’s managing director, Ian Wood (pictured), confirmed it had begun to supply the technology to refrigeration cabinet makers.

“We are working with a number refrigeration equipment manufacturers to help them incorporate Aircell technology within their existing cabinet designs,” he said. “Aircell represents innovation and cost-saving technology, which will help OEMs maintain and grow their trading relationships with retailers and equipment specifiers. Our new Aircell video will help us demonstrate the benefits of Aircell to a broader audience, at home and abroad.”

Aircell works by dividing the refrigerated display case’s merchandising envelope into separate air flow managed cells with small, low pressure air columns. Each cell has its own air curtain, which is more efficient than a full case height air curtain on a conventional multi deck case.

The net result is less pressure on the air curtain of each cell and a substantial reduction in cold air spillage from the case. Crucially, Aircell does not require back panel flow to support the air curtain, so it does not over cool and freeze food at the rear of the cabinet.

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