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Ensuring stable temperature and humidity is key for foodservice operators and that’s always been the mandate for Adande. Its equipment delivers the perfect climate to hold food in its optimum condition for longer, as the company explains.

What would you describe as your area of speciality when it comes to refrigeration?

Adande has rewritten the rules when it comes to preserving food in the best way. Our patented design refrigerated drawers with their insulated containers literally hold the cold. This means you do not suffer cold air spillage and fluctuating temperatures which you might with door or other drawer makes. This is so important for operators because it means less food waste.

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The combination of both stable temperature and stable humidity means food stays fresher for longer. If the cold air is kept with the food and not lost, then the energy use is lower. For operators, this means higher efficiency and lower bills, plus it fits their own sustainability goals.

Just as importantly, the Adande design means the quality of the food is maintained, with ingredients held in optimum condition, ready for kitchen prep, cooking or eating. This makes a huge difference when operators care about the quality and taste experience.

Have you made any significant changes to the business recently?

At Adande, flexibility is key and never has it been so important as now. The pandemic has left operators wanting to recover revenues as quickly as possible. As a business, we need to be flexible enough to respond to market trends and demands at the right time.

Fleet of foot, when it comes to serving the market well, is essential. To help us do this and continue our global growth we have recently welcomed Graham Veal (ex-senior VP at Welbilt and ex-MD of Merrychef) as a board advisor, who brings a wealth of experience and talent to the table.

What’s the latest addition to your product portfolio?

We have just launched a new low energy saladette, which was developed based on feedback from our customers on increased efficiency in use. For next year, are working on some very exciting projects right now, which we are not at liberty to divulge, but rest assured we are working collaboratively with the market to once again bring next generation refrigeration to the fore, and help our customers continue to maintain food quality, reduce waste and lower energy usage.

Our other objective over the next 12 months will be to support the zero carbon initiatives of the hospitality sector. Our first step will be to help operators understand what information exists to help guide decisions in the journey to carbon zero, such as that on energy labels.


Choosing the right refrigeration supplier is very important given the importance of such equipment to a commercial kitchen. How do you try and add value as a supplier?

For us, our products add value right from purchase. They are known for maintaining food quality, reducing food wastage, are low energy users, reliable and require little maintenance. The savings you get with an Adande mount up year-on-year. You can use them throughout the kitchen, under a grill, next to a fryer. Adande gives a great ergonomic footprint and bulk storage right where it is needed.

As a business we also look to give value in our advice too, so ensuring people are aware, for instance, of the government’s Super Deduction scheme to enable them to make informed decisions with spending capital. We always look to go the extra mile for customers. We froze our prices during the first waves of the pandemic, introduced the EasyBuy scheme and have extended our warranty for products in the UK on major parts to five years.

What key refrigeration trends do you see over the next 12 months – is there anything that customers should really be aware of when thinking about new refrigeration purchases?

Well, times are likely to be tough as we fight our way back from the pandemic, household incomes will be squeezed, supply chains frustrated, food and energy prices increased and unfortunately all of  this will continue to effect hospitality.

Similarly, take out and delivery will continue to grow, maybe not at the same rate as we have recently seen but the dark kitchen trend is here to stay. With this in mind, operators looking for new refrigeration should be considering:

1. Food quality: This is what keeps customers returning, and builds businesses. Ensuring stable temperature and humidity is key. Adande delivers that perfect climate to hold food in its optimum condition for longer.

2. Energy efficiency: This is important, not only with rising energy costs, but with net zero goals as well.

3. Maintenance costs: Don’t be fooled into buying cheap refrigeration because what looks like a great deal could very well end up costing you more, over the lifetime of the unit. Adande requires low maintenance and is a robust, reliable and quality product that will withstand the busiest of environments. Don’t forget with Adande you have five-year warranty in the UK on major parts too.

4. Check the offers available, together with government schemes, there could be something to suit you that helps you buy quality refrigeration that will serve you well and saves you more year-on-year.

5. Beware of imitations. If it doesn’t say Adande, it is not Adande.

PRODUCT FOCUS: Adande drawer with integral blast chill

An ever-popular customisation option when you buy an Adande drawer is the addition of the blast-chill functionality.

Blast-chillers allow operators to work a cook/chill system, where food can be cooked, chilled and then re-thermalised as required without the loss of nutrition, quality or taste.

It is a preferred process that helps maximise kitchen efficiency during busy service periods. Traditionally, blast chillers have taken up a large footprint in the kitchen, which has meant that smaller operations have often been excluded from enjoying the advantages of the cook/chill process.

Now, thanks to the Adande compact drawer, the capability to cook/chill via the blast-chill function can be included into our fridge unit.

The flexibility this gives means that chefs can blast-chill as needed before returning the Adande unit to its usual fridge or freezer temperature.

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