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Refrigerated drawer maker Adande has added a leading Ali Group brand to the number of partnerships it now has with third party catering equipment brands.

In the past the company has demonstrated how its drawers complement and can be positioned in situ with ovens from the likes of Charvet and more recently an induction suite from CookTek. Now it has gone one step further by teaming up with ice cream equipment manufacturer Carpigiani to offer a range of dedicated dessert workstations.

Designed as complete solutions for the preparation, production, storage and plating of professional artisan gelato product, the units are suitable for restaurants, hotels, fine dining, delicatessen and ice cream parlours. Adande insists that with a compact footprint of just 1100mm by 700mm, the dessert stations are ideal for kitchens with limited floor space.

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The workstations are available in a variety of configurations to meet desired capacity, including a layout which has Carpigiani Boil 5 and Labo 8 12 E units mounted on an Adande two drawer refrigerator. The worktop of the Adande unit can also accommodate additional equipment, such as a whipped cream machine.

Base mix ingredients are heated in the Boil 5 before the liquid is transferred to the Labo 8 12 E, where flavouring is added and the mix is stirred and chilled to – 8oC. The artisan gelato is then transferred into pans for pull down to the suitable storage temperature in the Adande unit. For high volume operations, a pre-prepared UHT gelato mix may be poured directly into the Labo 8 12 E.

Scott Duncan, sales director of Carpigiani, says the ability to set precise and accurate temperatures in the Adande drawers has particular advantages for holding gelato. “Artisan gelato is a premium product, which requires holding at optimum storage and service temperatures. The unique technology of the Adande® drawers helps maintain the gelato at the correct temperature, eliminating the formation of ice crystals for perfect product quality.”

The bottom drawer of the Adande unit may be set at – 18oC, which is the ideal temperature for the longer term storage of gelato, eliminating the formation of ice crystals. The upper drawer may be set at – 14oC, during service, which is the perfect temperature for soft scoop service.

Karl Hodgson, sales director of Adande, added: “Carpigian’s position as a world market leader is helping us to introduce the Adande brand to new market sectors in the UK and on an international level.”

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