Ali Group brand weighs in on convection versus combi oven dilemma

BX Eco-Wash convection oven

Mono Equipment has launched a new range of ovens that it claims “cuts through” the convection versus combination oven dilemma by incorporating a high-end, totally integrated ‘self wash’ system into the design.

The company, which is part of the Ali Group, is banking on its BX Eco-Wash Convection Oven range proving a hit in the UK market after carrying out “extensive consultation” with bakeries and major food-to-go outlets ahead of its creation.

Feedback from customers resulted in the development of a system that it insists can bake, roast and cook a variety of foods without the fear of cross contamination of odours or flavours.

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Mono claims the system is a perfect alternative solution to a combi oven, at a “fraction of the price”. 14-tray-eco-wash

“Although combi ovens naturally have their place, it has to be said that not all the functionality of a expensive combi is used by some customers who later find out to their cost that the oven they have purchased has in fact been over specified for their needs,” Mono said.

The oven contains five integrated wash programmes to suit every need, from a quick ‘Hot Flush’, which cleans and dries the oven in 35 minutes, to an intensive ‘Power Wash’, providing the ability to switch between different product categories quickly and safely.

The Power Max Plus cartridge it uses is sealed and only released when the oven reaches the right temperatures, removing the risk of exposing staff to potentially harmful chemicals.


“The ability to be able to switch quickly and safely between baking / cooking a variety of different product categories in the same oven is now a highly desirable requirement for many retailers and food-to-go outlets who need to respond to consumer demands throughout the day by offering the right product at the right time to capture as much footfall and resultant sales as possible,” said Mono.

The Swansea-based outfit insists the need for a quick and responsive product changeover has never been more important for operators and its equipment completely removes the issue of cross-contamination of different food groups.

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