App gives kitchen bosses no excuse to forget filter changes

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Operators that regularly forget to change their water filters may never have to worry again after BRITA Professional launched a new FilterManager app that provides an alert when a filter switch is approaching.

Available for BRITA’s PURITY and PURITY C filters, the app is designed to help operators plan for filter exchanges and ensure that water remains free of unwanted particles, metals, minerals and chlorine.

Water filtration plays a crucial role in guaranteeing optimum taste and appearance of drinks and food, as well as protecting machines by preventing limescale.

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However, the ongoing maintenance and capacity of each filter needs to be monitored and the cartridge exchanged frequently for the filter to remain effective. The app has been developed to address this issue, helping make regular exchange easy for operators.

Glenn Roberts, sales director at BRITA Professional, said: “At BRITA Professional, we understand that remembering an upcoming filter change isn’t always front of mind in busy kitchens and coffee shops. It is, however, important to stay on top of it in order to serve the best quality product.

“According to our recent research, almost two thirds (63%) of chefs don’t know that untreated water can cause a combi oven to breakdown. And that’s why we’ve introduced our new FilterManager app. Its easy and convenient functionality make it simple and quick to use, giving you peace of mind – and one less thing to worry about.”

The app is free and available from the App Store or on Google Play and is compatible on mobile, tablet and computer.

After installing the app, operators simply scan their filter using the QR code. This will calculate the change interval. The filter location can also be selected, as well as the type of reminder preferred, including email, mobile and calendar notifications.

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