Aqua makes Mechline a focal point of Covid-secure restaurant operation

Aqua, Bristol

Aqua has laid claim to the title of ‘Bristol’s safest restaurant’ after implementing a host of Covid-secure measures including the advanced HyGenikx air and surface sanitisation system.

Ben Smithson, operations director at Aqua Restaurants, said the lockdowns gave the business time to re-evaluate its operation and put new Covid secure plans in place to protect customers and staff.

“The lockdowns have been a very challenging time for everyone, but I think they have given us a chance to really look at our operation; look at what we’ve done, and evaluate where we wanted to go. One of the priorities when we reopened was making Aqua premises Covid-secure in order to protect both our customers and staff.

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“We have obviously enhanced our manual cleaning regimes and changed our layout to ensure social distancing, but, as part of our research on the best way to be Covid-secure, we discovered the HyGenikx sanitisation system that kills bacteria and viruses.”

The wall-mounted systems work 24/7 and utilise a combination of the most effective air and surface sterilisation technologies available to eradicate viruses and bacteria including coronaviruses.

Consequently, Aqua has installed HyGenikx units, both front- and back-of-house, in the kitchen and toilet spaces, as well as the main restaurant area.

“From a customer’s perspective they look remarkably similar to air fresheners, but they are doing so much more than that,” said Mr Smithson.

To ensure that customers are aware of the latest innovations being used in Aqua and to give added reassurance during the eating out experience, the operator has also placed a number of signs around the restaurant.

“We have the HyGenikx stickers up to ensure that our customers know we are working hard at creating safe environments. In the world we are living in now, the role of these units has never been more important as it is helping to keep our customers safe from viruses and bacteria, ensuring they can feel comfortable and safe in Aqua surroundings.”

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