Araven reinvents foodservice containers to extend food life by 25%

Araven air-tight containers

Spanish manufacturer Araven has reinvented its airtight containers for the foodservice industry with an innovative design that extends the useful life of food by up to 25%.

The containers have been put through their paces by the Food Research Group at the University of Zaragoza, which found that they preserved food better and for longer than their predecessors.

They tested the product with raw chicken breast fillet and recorded changes in microbial population and colour after leaving it refrigerated for a week.

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The main novelty is a new closure system that allows part of the air inside the container to be expelled, thereby reducing food oxidation.

Its flagship product – and the one most widely used in the market – has been on the market for more than 30 years. Last year it sold two million units.

The new range of containers come in GastroNorm measurements and designed especially for foodservice professionals.

The lid allows a vacuum to be formed inside the container by simply pressing down from the centre, which reduces food oxidation and guarantees total air-tightness, extending the duration of the product stored inside.

The containers are incorporated with a labelling system so that chefs can record essential data to identify the food stored inside, ensure good hygiene practices and comply with traceability regulations.

The label has been improved so that it provides more space for the product description and additional information in the label fields.

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