ATL demonstrates power saving potential of advanced ventilation control system

ATL Commercial Kitchens in Hull is using its fully operational demonstration kitchen to showcase energy saving kitchen products to customers including the latest S&S Northern Merlin CT3000E.

The extraction control system monitors the electrical consumption being used from equipment under the canopy alongside CO2 levels within the commercial kitchen.

When it receives a signal via the electricity or CO2, it adjusts the fan speed accordingly. This results in a huge cost saving for commercial kitchens as fans do not then need to be run at full speed all the time whilst still maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for the kitchen staff, the company claims.

“We have developed the demonstration kitchen in order to showcase our manufacturer’s equipment and the possibilities within ventilation controls and energy efficiency. Many people do not realise that the commercial kitchen environment can be one of the major contributors to wasted energy within a commercial building. This is really clearly explained within the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), document TM150 2009,” explains Ashley Stephenson, director of ATL.

Lee Dempsey, Sales Manager at S&S Northern adds: “We were delighted to partner up with ATL and showcase our newest energy saving product to ATL’s customers.

We are sure customers will be impressed with what it offers as we know that the payback period for the Merlin CT3000E is just two years.”

The Merlin CT3000E is a Ventilation Interlock and Electric isolation panel with build-in analogue output signal to regulate the speed of the fans accordingly to the electrical power consumption.

The system comprises a control panel and AC current sensors. The Merlin CT3000E can receive connections from remote emergency shut-off buttons and gas detector. It also can be integrated with a BMS and fire alarm.

The Merlin CT3000E control system.

The Merlin CT3000E control system.




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