Best Western hotel booms off back of induction conversion

Pantheon IND360 induction hobs at Best Western Premier Mount Pleasant Hotel 1

A recent refurbishment to the Best Western Premier Mount Pleasant Hotel in Doncaster involved an energy efficient re-configuration of an area used for both breakfast service and conference buffets.

As the facility operates on a self-serve basis, extra consideration was given to finding a means of keeping food hot without any risk of it drying out or even burning.

Also, importantly, there had to be no possibility of guests burning themselves or being in close proximity to the controls.

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The hotel’s manager, Richard Tyas, oversaw a trial involving a number of induction hobs, rating them in terms of temperature variation, ease of operation, aesthetic appeal and cost before opting for nine Pantheon IND360 hobs for the kitchen.

He explained: “We actually tested the various hobs using baked beans and then tasted them every ten minutes over a two hour period. We unanimously agreed that the Pantheon hob performed best and represented excellent value too. Also, with the Pantheon model, the wattage as well as the temperature can be regulated which brings an extra layer of control.”

The new hobs are set into a long granite counter with the controls discreetly hidden in one of the base cupboards accessible only to staff.

The temperature of each hob is set to whatever is best for the dish it is heating and the hobs’ ability to hold those temperatures with absolute accuracy significantly reduces the need for constant checking.

Because the various foods are placed in water-heated chaffing dishes, the hobs actually heat the water rather than the food itself, so the heat is diffused. A further benefit is that no residual heat is generated by the units and they present no danger to guests.

“We’re absolutely delighted with what we’ve achieved,” added Tyas. “The hobs have undoubtedly transformed the way our breakfast and conference buffet operation now functions and, because the tight control we have on temperature means food stays in optimum condition for longer, we have significantly reduced food wastage and saved on energy.”

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