Bloomberg brands billion pound London HQ a ‘no-cafeteria zone’

Bloomberg office

Financial media giant Bloomberg has declared its new London headquarters a “no-cafeteria zone” in a move that will see it turns its back on using a contract catering service.

The £1 billion eight-storey building, which will serve as Bloomberg’s European HQ when it opens in the autumn, will house 4,000 employees.

Such sites are regarded as the bread and butter of B&I caterers, but its billionaire founder and chief executive Michael Bloomberg has ruled out furnishing it with the latest foodservice concepts.

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Mr Bloomberg told the Evening Standard that he wanted to avoid the “Google syndrome” seen in some tech firm offices where the free meals and facilities are so luxurious that employees become addicted to their work life.

The Queen Victoria Street HQ, near the Bank of England, will be a “no-cafeteria zone” in a bold move to encourage workers to leave the building at lunchtime.

Mr Bloomberg, 75, told the paper that the communal “pantry” area on the sixth floor of the building will supply coffee and snacks such as porridge pots but not lunch “because I want people to get out and enjoy the local economy.”

He added that he did not want to suck business away from local traders such as sandwich bars and fitness clubs. “We are going in the opposite direction to Google — we encourage people to go outside.”

FEJ reported back in March, meanwhile, that Google has adopted a radical new approach to staff dining within its recently-opened UK headquarters at King’s Cross.

Gourmet micro kitchens and a cafe chain concept imported from Holland are among the catering facilities incorporated into offices.

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  1. V interesting, with the proclivity of ‘agile seating’ in offices now, we’ve found the need for a staff catering/relaxing/informal meeting area even MORE important.for our clients. I can imagine the 4000 employees will a be a bit miffed having to go out to get a bespoke coffee, anything to eat – and just imagine the smell in the office as they all bring back food to eat at their desk. I wonder if within a year, space is found for a catering facility?

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