Brand behind modular front-end cooking system branches into hygiene catering solutions


MEC2, the company behind German brand livecookintable, has adapted its product offerings as a response to the increasing Covid-safe requirements in foodservice by launching its ‘Be Safe!’ range.

MEC2 worked in collaboration with a worldwide hotel group to develop a range of customisable sanitiser stations that include a mirror, drip tray, sanitiser holder, drawers and bin box that you would expect in a luxury hotel.

As the stations are on castors, they can be moved from one room to another when required. On top of their smart design, the stations are covered with an antibacterial laminate veneer for increased hygiene.

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Working in combination with livecookintable cooking furniture, MEC2 also launched a newly-designed ice well to present food on crushed ice to guests.

It includes accessories such as glass display cases allowing customers to see the food available but letting the staff hand over the food in a safe manner.

Alternatively, a protective sneeze glass – or buffet guard – against droplet spread can be attached for self-service operations.

The livecookintable system is known for its airwall that cleans the air coming from its cooking devices from odours but it also helps cleaning microbiological load, so that bacteria and viruses have no chance of survival in the ozone-enriched plasma of the Airwall.

As part of the Be Safe! Range, MEC2 also developed specifically antibacterial materials for its tabletops, shelves and blinds.

The brand uses a specific stainless steel such as 1.4301/AISI 304, known to be ‘antibacterial’ and commonly used in hospitals, labs and commercial kitchens.

The Be Safe! Range is available through Livecookintable’s UK distributor Signature FSE.

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