Brexit supply fears put shelf life into renewed focus for operators

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It looks like the UK may be heading towards a no-deal Brexit, but even if some kind of deal can be brokered – disruption at ports looks certain and concerns about delays and a shortage of food imports from suppliers on the continent are growing.

The situation is putting pressure on operators to get the most from existing food stocks, rather than waiting for supplies to run low and replenishing with next day deliveries as is normal.

However, with that, comes the issue of extending the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables to maximise their life and avoid wastage.

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A recent independent test, commissioned by Mechline Developments, has highlighted how the company’s HyGenikx air and surface sanitisation system can prolong the shelf-life of perishable fresh food by an average of 58% (approximately 7.5 days)—with some produce proving to last as much as 150% longer.

Kristian Roberts, marketing manager, said: “HyGenikx has already proved its worth to a wide variety of operators in this most challenging of years – as the technology in the wall-mounted system proactively kills bacteria and viruses 24/7, including coronaviruses, and has been a crucial part of Covid-secure measures in hospitality venues across the country.

“Now, as a no deal Brexit looms and delays of fruit and vegetable imports from Europe are anticipated, operators with HyGenikx can be boosted by an independent study that shows how HyGenikx can also significantly prolong the shelf life and quality of perishable fresh produce by an average of 58%.

“The result is less food waste, ongoing cost savings and peace of mind for operators as they can purchase greater amounts when product is available, safe in the knowledge it will last until required.”

The independent study was carried out by ALS Life Sciences Europe with the aim of assessing the ability of HyGenikx to prolong the shelf life of produce stored in a cold room and to improve environmental conditions.

The results of the study showed an increase in the shelf life of all 11 products trialled, with the highest three increases recorded being strawberries, with +150% (+9 days), chestnut mushrooms, with +107.1% (+15 days) and grapes with a twofold increase (+12 days).

HyGenikx models start from as little as £289, require no training to use and no costly installation as they simply plug into a standard socket and consume very little energy, requiring only 9-13 watts.

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