BRITA shows operators how to protect kit from limescale build-up

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BRITA Professional is set to host a number of specially developed sessions to help operators understand water and the major impact it has on the coffee recipe at next week’s London Coffee Festival and Coffee Masters.

Taking place on 6-9 April, BRITA will be joined at the event by Rob Dunne, barista and founding partner/director of Old Spike Roastery. Visitors will be offered a bespoke tasting session that explores water and coffee and demonstrates how water affects the taste, flavour, aroma and appearance of coffee.

BRITA’s team of water experts will also provide guided tutorials on using its water hardness test kits. The hands on demonstrations will allow operators to determine the quality of their water by showing them how they can consistently produce quality coffee for their customers while protecting their equipment from the build-up of limescale.

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All proceeds from the water test kits will go towards helping Project Waterfall, a charity that provides clean water and sanitation for coffee growing communities.

Glenn Roberts, sales director, BRITA Professional, said: “Americano is the third most popular drink in the UK and filter coffee is consumed by 10% of coffee shop visitors. With only two ingredients responsible for the taste, aroma and flavour of black coffee, getting these right should be the top priority. But, particular attention should be given to the main ingredient – water – as it makes up to 98% of the drink.

“Our specially developed sessions for the festival will really open visitors’ eyes about what needs to happen to their water to make sure their coffee offer is consistent and high quality. We’ll also be showcasing our PURITY C Finest cartridge, which has been specifically developed for areas with permanently hard water and delivers water that has the perfect composition of minerals for espresso.

As official water sponsor, BRITA will also be providing SCAE specification water for specialty coffee, and will ensure both competitors and exhibitors have optimum water throughout the festival.

Hydration stations with BRITA filtered water will be located in the venue for visitors to drink and donate to UK Coffee Week and Project Waterfall.


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