British manufacturer strives to help kitchens save money

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British-based company TiFry is setting out to change the commercial kitchen with what it calls “revolutionary” technology for oil management.

Manufactured in the UK at its headquarters in Chepstow, TiFry is promising to help operators save time, money and effort in their kitchen.

Bosses behind the firm said it has been created with a simple ethos in mind: to save the commercial kitchen money on frying oil purchases, improve the quality of fried food and save chefs hours in time and effort when maintaining the high standards of their frying equipment.

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Its latest technology is a portable filtration unit that can clean frying oil in just five minutes, leaving a re-usable oil with less micro particles and carbon.

This clean oil will reduce cooking time and oil absorption and deliver healthier, better tasting food to customers, according to the firm.

The TiFry Filter is placed in the fryer after service or during breaks in service as it is designed to withstand operational cooking temperatures. A quick five-minute cycle removes the majority of the debris and carbon from the fryer with the result of increasing the lifespan of the frying oil.1

By the extension of the oils lifespan, the TiFry Filter can reduce the cost of cooking oil by having reduced the need to buy and replace it as often. This filtration system delivers a cost saving of up to 50%. The TiFry filter comes with three-year back to base warranty.

TiFry is planning significant expansion in the UK and overseas in the coming months, with more products being released to expand the portfolio and create a more comprehensive frying oil management solution for customers.

The company says its representatives are regularly conducting free demonstrations of its products around the UK and commercial kitchen operators can see its products in action by contacting to arrange an appointment.

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