British microwave accessory firm set for export sales boost

Patrick Bray

The British firm behind a patented cavity liner that protects the inside of commercial microwaves has agreed a deal that could see its invention become used in kitchens across America.

Regale Microwave Ovens – which has sold more than 15,000 of the units since its formation a decade ago – is introducing its Microsave cavity liner into the USA via a tie-up with Panasonic. It is also investing in local manufacturing facilities so that its flagship product can be produced locally.

The liner was recently named an ‘authorised accessory’ by Panasonic’s head office in Japan and now its US division will be promoting it to the North American market for its range of commercial microwave ovens, which contains five different models.

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The device will get its first airing at the forthcoming NAFEM show in Florida next month and directors at Regale plan to fly over in order to grow awareness of the innovation. 

Managing director, Patrick Bray, said the USA market has more compact models on offer than the UK with higher power levels, meaning there is a huge potential audience for the product.

“We are looking forward to launching our Panasonic Liners into the USA and greatly appreciate the efforts put in by Panasonic US to start the ball rolling for us. We are convinced that it will become a huge success over there like it has been in the UK simply in the fact that not only does it save money on unnecessary repairs, but saves a great deal of cleaning time, especially in busy locations where they have several microwaves on the go for 12 hours or more a day. Another fact is that it adds to the hygiene maintenance and is more environmentally friendly cutting down on cleaning materials.”

Regale has even commissioned a brand new four-ton tool to be made to USA specification and appointed a top class injection moulding company in Chicago to commence production over in the States so that in the future it can cut down on transportation costs and possible import duties.

“We hope to be in full production by the middle of 2019,” Mr Bray revealed.

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