Brunch cafe chain smashes kitchen turnaround times with high-speed baking oven

Speed Pro baking oven at The Attendant

The latest accelerated oven technology is helping to elevate the food offer at Attendant Mayfair, the fifth opening from the ambitious brunch café chain.

Since opening its first site in a disused Victorian toilet in Fitzrovia in 2013, Attendant’s ethos has been to create ‘meaningful experiences in the hospitality sector’.

It now has five sites across some of London’s trendiest districts, each serving high quality coffee alongside a premium food offer.

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The key, according to CEO and co-founder Ryan De Oliveira, has been in streamlining operations to achieve a consistent product across both coffee and food.

And after years of fine-tuning its foodservice, it turned to Unox’s Speed.Pro speed baking oven to provide better quality products at a faster rate.

The Speed.Pro is designed to save kitchen space by combining the performance of both convection and high-speed ovens.

It is used for bake-off products and warming and finishing various dishes at the new Attendant venue, which opened this month.

It accelerates cooking times by offering triple cooking: convection, for external golden browning; microwave, for fast internal heating; and conduction, for crusty toasting by contact.

For Attendant, it has reduced the turnaround time to heat brioche bacon rolls from seven to eight minutes, down to just one minute when heating four rolls – smashing the brand’s target of four to five minutes for all takeaway food.

Mr De Oliveira said: “People want quality but they also want to get on with their day, without waiting for food. The Unox Speed.Pro is a revelation, allowing us to increase speed of service without compromising on quality.

“Consistency is guaranteed and all products are thoroughly heated, toasted and ready to go, with no squashing or burn marks which were common with the grills. It would be incredibly difficult to achieve the turnaround times we do without the Unox Speed.Pro and therefore an easy decision to roll it out across our sites, including this new opening.”

The oven has also reduced wastage for Attendant at other sites. Instead of buying in pastries from local artisanal bakers, the brand now buys pre-baked pastries and bakes them off in smaller quantities, served straight from the oven.

“It’s another example of how we can cut operational costs whilst also improving quality,” said Mr De Oliveira.

“There are cheaper equipment options, but if we could go back I would have spent the money up front on an Unox Speed.Pro and improved performance. I would have made my money back a long time ago and had a stronger, more robust concept too.”

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