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Burco auto-fill boiler

Commercial water boiler brand Burco is preparing to replenish its portfolio with an array of equipment suited to all operator needs. FEJ caught up with senior product marketing manager, Lee Stones, to find out where the market is heading and why it’s a good time for the company to be rolling out a new generation of machines.

How much change has there been in your water boiler portfolio over the past year and what plans do you have for the range in 2019?

2019 is going to be a significant year in Burco’s 75-year history as we launch a brand new, state-of-the-art, commercial water boiler range. Featuring a complete range of countertop and wall-mounted appliances in a host of sizes and formats, the new portfolio is set to bring to market some of the latest technology and innovative solutions that we’ve been working on for the Burco water boiler range.

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Water boilers are typically quite a mature and established category of the catering equipment market. Are there any further ways in which you think the technology will be advanced?

Technology is continuing to play a key role in the water boiler sector, helping to shape the innovation in new appliances that are being launched to the market. Where we see a continued focus is in the temperature variability, particularly as operators look to achieve the perfect serve on a range of bespoke, speciality tea blends and infusions — many of which require specific temperatures to create the optimum brew.

What has this meant for the foodservice industry?

Increasingly this has resulted in the development of commercial water boilers with operator-controlled temperature settings, delivering a precision brew and the perfect serve on a range of speciality brews, all from a versatile, space-efficient water boiling appliance.

To what extent is the market divided between traditional on-counter models and undercounter models? With counter space often at a premium for foodservice operators, do undercounter models represent the greatest growth opportunity?

Undercounter models are increasingly available and are often designed for space optimisation and atheistic appeal. However, the market remains dominated by the traditional countertop appliance. In the main, operators find the countertop units to be easier to access, clean and maintain, while they are also capable of delivering a higher flow of hot water — something that is crucial for a busy site during peak trading hours.

Countertop models need not be overly large either, particularly as manufacturers develop slimline appliances capable of maintaining a plentiful supply of freshly boiled water on a footprint design to minimise the use of valuable countertop space.

Accessibility and ease of use are important factors for operators, especially those in busy catering environments. What’s the secret to developing a product that ticks these boxes?

It’s often the simplest design features that deliver the greatest results. That’s why our Burco countertop and wall-mounted units feature easy-to-replace filtration cartridges (on the filtered models), where simply making a quarter twist removes the in-built cartridge allowing a new one to be quickly fitted.

What’s more, the tank can also be easily accessed via a removable lid and screw cap, enabling the operator to add descaling fluid and flushing through as required. It’s these features that ensure the Burco range continues to deliver on quality, consistency and reliability over the life of the units.

What three things should operators most take into account when choosing a water boiler?

Operators should be looking for a water boiler that delivers quality, consistency and, most importantly, reliability. Used continuously throughout the day, operators want to know their equipment will deliver freshly boiled water without impurities (if using a model with built-in filtration) at the correct temperature, day after day.

Burco has a rich commercial water boiler heritage. What are your aspirations for 2019?

2019 is set to be another exciting year for the brand as we are planning some innovative new product launches that are designed to not only improve the look and feel of our range but will give our customers more features to help speed up service and deliver a more consistent, quality hot beverage.

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