Burnt Chef Project creates academy with free mental health resources for industry

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The Burnt Chef Project has a free resource and online training platform dedicated to fighting mental health stigma and making the industry stronger than ever.

The Burnt Chef Academy, which has been created in partnership with learning provider CPL, will give individuals and management teams access to a market leading level of knowledge and understanding when it comes to the subject of wellbeing and mental health.

The organisation said it will be an ever evolving resource, meaning that new modules will be developed and implemented based on the needs of the industry.

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According to a study by The Burnt Chef Project in May 202, four out of five individuals had experienced mental health issues while working in the trade.

The Burnt Chef Project founder, Kris Hall, said: “It comes as no surprise that the subject of mental health is the focus of many a conversation currently but for many this is still a relatively new topic and can leave both business owners and individuals feeling overwhelmed as they begin to understand the complexities of the subject and the impact it can have to an our already fragile industry.

“The Burnt Chef Academy compliments the services we currently offer such as The Burnt Chef Support Service, launched in February of this year, and is just one solution, in a long line of products and services, that we have introduced to support the wellbeing of our staff.

“It is important that information is freely available to as many individuals as possible so that we can begin to fight years of stigma and challenge the perceptions associated with mental illness.”

Mr Hall promised that The Burnt Chef Academy will be continually updated based on feedback from the trade. We have already begun working on additional modules which focus on subject matters such as sleep, nutrition, and manager skill sets, all of which are instrumental to a healthy and strong industry.”

Available online, via Google Play or Apple’s App Store the Burnt Chef Academy contains vital free learning modules to upskill hospitality staff in the following areas:

– Mental Health Support Champion

– Personal Resilience

– Self Awareness

– Effective Communication

– Managers Mental Health Awareness

The Burnt Chef Academy also includes free access to a growing database of additional resources and services such as:

– TED Talks

– Burnt Chef Posters and Help Sheets

– Access to The Burnt Chef Support Service

– The Burnt Chef Journal Podcast

– The Burnt Chef Project Shop

In addition, 13 bonus modules are available to any business looking to sponsor the ongoing work of The Burnt Chef Project.

Bonus modules include:

– Drug Awareness

– Conflict Management

– Effective Time Management

– Emergency First Aid Awareness

– Equality and Diversity

– Interview Skills

– LGBT Awareness

– Open Minded Recruitment

– Protection of Adults and Safeguarding from Abuse

– Ready to Serve Team Members Programme

– Staff Apraisal Skills

– Unconcious Bias

– Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

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