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OPINION: What commercial kitchens can do to avoid falling foul of new acrylamide regs

With the uncertainty around the new acrylamide legislation coming in to place in April 2018, many companies within the foodservice sector, and food industry in general for that matter, are looking to further understand what is required of them. Ashton Bayliss, product manager – food and pharmaceuticals at Testo, provides  For those who aren’t aware,

OPINION: Why testing your oil can protect your restaurant’s reputation

Some foodservice operators are saving as much as 20% on oil consumption a year, simply by testing their oil on a regular basis, writes Ashton Bayliss, product marketing manager at test and measurement specialist Testo. While many operators have now adopted technology to test their cooking oil, a significant number of restaurants and foodservice providers

OPINION: Behind every good open kitchen is an organised wash-up area

Open kitchens are in vogue but behind all the theatre and lies a need to ensure the washing area is functional and practical, writes Bob Wood, director of DC Warewashing & Icemaking Systems.  A smooth-running, efficient kitchen operation is vital for a successful, trouble free and safe foodservice operation. This is never more important than in

OPINION: Rising electricity costs will focus supermarkets’ minds on refrigeration

Reducing energy consumption remains high on the agenda for UK food retailers, not just to meet obligations under the Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme, but also to slash costs in an increasingly competitive retailing sector. Ian Wood, co-founder and managing director of refrigeration innovator, Adande, examines the impact of rising energy costs, post Brexit implications and