Busted oven leaves organisers of ‘unlimited pizza’ festival red-faced

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An ‘all-you-can-eat’ pizza festival in London has blamed a broken oven after it repeatedly ran out of pizza, leaving some guests waiting for up to an hour to get their hands on a single slice.   

Organiser Bellemonte Life had promised visitors “unlimited pizza” as part of their entrance fee to the Notting Hill Pizza Festival and even flew in professional pizzaiolos from Italy to prepare pizzas from raw ingredients for an authentic Italian experience.

However, the two-day event ran into trouble almost as soon as it began when the main pizza oven went down and the remaining appliances being used in the kitchen weren’t sufficient enough to cope with demand.

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“Despite the best efforts of our team preparing the pizzas in the smaller ovens, the flow of pizzas was slower than intended,” the firm’s management said in a statement.

They said they wish to “sincerely apologise” for the “unfortunate events that took place”, but denied suggestions there were not enough pizzas, insisting that was simply not the case.

“Our team was hard at work to ensure that everyone was able to sample pizzas. However, it was unfortunate that the queues grew due to some overzealous appetites, preventing others to be able to enjoy the food,” the statement added.

They claim that as soon as it became clear that the pizzas were not reaching everyone, they dispatched £2,000 worth of complimentary glasses of champagne, prosecco and wine to visitors for the inconvenience.

The company said that its team worked all Friday night to source “emergency ovens”, which meant the festival was fully operational for the remaining two days and served over 1,800 pizzas on Saturday.

As a gesture, Bellemonte Life has offered all Notting Hill Pizza Festival ticket holders a complimentary VIP ticket to its BBQ Festival in July.

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