Buying guide: 6 key steps for picking the right merchandising unit

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What is the most important thing that an operator needs to think about when choosing a merchandising unit? Here is a round-up of top tips from leading suppliers on the key considerations to bear in mind.

1) Operators must ensure the unit they choose enables effective merchandising of the food or drink products they intend to display in it. Therefore high quality design is a must.

2) The merchandiser needs to help sell the product, so looks are important. However, the ability to keep food safe is the priority, making accuracy and reliability of the system key.

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3) Assess the cost of operation. As utility rates rise, energy efficiency will continue to play a vital role in specification.

4) Retail environments demand more open-fronted, or regularly opened and closed doors, so performance and reliability should be top of customers’ requirements with this product type. Look for technology that ensures the multideck gets cold air to where it is needed.

5) Display capabilities are important. Unlike back-of-house refrigeration, the merchandise stored within retail refrigerators needs to be very well lit and clearly displayed to entice customers to buy. Large glass end panels and display windows provide optimal visibility, while LED lighting can be hugely effective.

6) Consider if the unit is able to fit through the door of your premises. It might sound obvious, but it often gets overlooked.

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