Byron CEO issues statement following inquest into teen allergy death

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Byron chief executive Simon Wilkinson has issued a statement on the inquest into the death of a customer that tragically died after eating at one of its restaurants.

18-year-old Owen Carey, who had a dairy allergy, suffered a fatal reaction to a chicken burger that contained buttermilk.

Mr Carey’s family have called for better allergen labelling and said “there was too much room for error” with policies that rely on verbal communication between customers and servers.

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Following an inquest into Mr Carey’s death at Southwark Coroner’s Court last week, Byron CEO Simon Wilkinson issued a statement.

It read: “I would like to extend both Byron’s and my deepest condolences to Owen’s family and his many friends. We take allergies extremely seriously and have robust procedures in place.

“Although those procedures were in line with all the rules and guidelines, and we train our staff to respond in the right way, it is a matter of great regret and sadness that our high standards of communicating with our customers were not met during Owen’s visit.

“We believe that Byron always did its best to meet our responsibilities, but we know that this will be of no comfort to Owen’s family.

“We have heard what the Coroner said about the need to communicate about allergies. It is clear that the current rules and requirements are not enough and the industry needs to do more – more to help support customers with allergies and more to raise awareness of the risks of allergies.

“We will make it our priority to work with our colleagues across the restaurant industry to ensure that standards and levels of awareness are improved.”

Inquest resumes into tragic Byron allergy death

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