C NE-1878 microwave

Panasonic C NE-1878 microwave

Brand/Supplier: Panasonic

UK launch: June 2018

Panasonic’s NE-1878 is an all-metal door microwave oven with inverter technology that is designed to suit open kitchens.

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The inverter technology means it is faster, better at defrosting, uses less energy and promotes more even, gentler cooking.

The new oven boasts the same high build quality that Panasonic is acclaimed for but shipping costs are lowered and it is more portable and easier to move for cleaning due to the heavy transformer being replaced by an inverter that is 12kg lighter than its predecessor.

The metal door has no ridges, seals or film to clean, and the oven comes with a spare ceiling plate to enable continuous operation for foodservice businesses.

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