Cafe chain exploits new water retail market to champion sustainability

Boston Tea Party

A Bristol-based café chain has underlined its commitment to sustainable business practices by unveiling its plans to reduce water consumption.

22-strong chain Boston Tea Party has announced plans to use less water at all of its cafés as part of a major sustainability commitment.

The company, which has always monitored its water usage and made reductions where possible, will collaborate with an industry specialist to further improve its sustainability contribution.

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Experts from Water2business will be working with Boston Tea Party to look at how it can use water more efficiently. This is part of Boston Tea Party’s mission to identify areas that they can have a positive impact on their communities and the environment wherever possible.

Water2business has signed a deal to supply water and wastewater services across its 22 sites and provide advice and support for another year.

Shelley Wadey, finance director of Boston Tea Party, said: “We were one of the first businesses to embrace the new water retail market that allows non-households to pick their own retailer – similar to the way the energy market works.

“This has helped us support our sustainability goals as we have experts at water2business who can provide us with water efficiency advice and carefully analyse how we use water.

“We know that with the current plastics debate, caring for the environment is something that is close at the heart of our customers. Customers visiting our cafés will have the comfort of knowing that we truly do everything we can to operate as a sustainable business.”

The environment-conscious business recently switched to paper straws, replaced plastic bottles and banned single use coffee cups.

Charley Maher, managing director of Water2business, said: “Boston Tea Party is once again leading the way in terms of sustainability.

“Savings made by improving water efficiency demonstrate that sustainability can benefit your business in more ways than one. The company is helping the environment while reducing its operational costs significantly in a short space of time.”

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