Caffè Culture opens its doors to equipment buyers

BOX 2 – Frimas-new-VarioCooking-Center-112L

After its explosion a few years ago, the market for coffee shops is still expanding and consumers show no sign of shaking their caffeine obsession. Operators need to continually be on the hunt for the best equipment for grinding, roasting and pouring the ultimate cup of Joe to stay on top in an unforgivably competitive sector. Caffè Culture is designed to provide operators with a platform to get hands-on with market-leading coffee kit and all the equipment necessary for running a prime business. As the UK’s only B2B coffee event, operators from around the country are set to flock to Kensington Olympia, London, this month in search of the best food and beverage equipment that the industry has to offer.

Gleaming warewashing championed by Nelson

Nelson will highlight its kitchen and counter design and installation services, as well as showcase its latest, high-performing, energy-saving Advantage warewashers.

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vi144ap_ 018The Advantage warewasher range uses a significantly low volume of water and energy, yet strives to provide exceptional reliability and outstanding results across all types of crockery and glassware — even delicate items. It is also exceptionally quiet, making it suitable for front-of-house. Space is almost always an issue in cafés but with Nelson’s design solutions, food display and storage can be significantly increased, the firm insists. Nelson supplies and installs many of the UK’s leading brands of catering equipment and provides a stainless steel fabrication service. Nelson also designs and installs bespoke food display cabinets which maintain food quality while appealing to ‘grab and go’ customers. Nelson Commercial Catering Equipment is exhibiting on stand E41.


Frima targets cafés with compact countertop cooking

Frima will be explaining just how quick and easy it is to cook a variety of dishes with the latest hi-tech multifunctional cooking technology. Frima’s VarioCooking Center can boil, fry, deep fry and confit, replacing griddles, kettles, bratt pans, large pots and fryers. Alongside all its cooking processes it can also slow cook overnight and fast cook under pressure. Frima’s latest VarioCooking Center is the 112L, a twin-pan unit, each with a capacity of 25 litres. Like the recently launched 112T, the 112L is a countertop model that can easily be installed on the work bench, on a stand or elsewhere. The 112L’s two pans offer maximum flexibility. The 50-litre capacity provides sufficient frying surface and boiling capacity even at peak times. The height of the pan base is ergonomically designed to make it easy for chefs to work with, which is an important benefit compared to tilting pans or other multifunctional appliances, the manufacturer explains.

BOX 2 - Frimas-new-VarioCooking-Center-112L


Meiko ups game with online platform

For Meiko, the new generation of café, bar and restaurant owners wants to buy and receive their catering equipment quickly with the convenience of an online store, but they still desire the back-up of a professional partner, not just a supplier of boxes.

BOX 3 - Meiko UPster_H500-01_1000 wideIt has responded to this shift by launching Shop UPster, a platform that allows users to purchase the latest UPster machines and accessories online, have them delivered within three days, and enjoy full installation and after-sales support. The new UPster U400, U500 and pass-through H500 models are available, with optional extras including baskets and chemicals and fixed priced installation, tabling modifications and disposal of the old machine. All machines come with a 24-month warranty as standard. “With the Shop UPster website you can buy the best in German dishwashing engineering and have it installed, commissioned and tested directly by the manufacturer,” says Meiko UK’s managing director Paul Anderson. “The website is clean, clear, easy and fast to use. And there is always the support at the end of the phone for people who need a bit of advice on what is best for their business,” he adds. Pictured is Meiko’s UPster K250 warewasher. The company is exhibiting on stand D34 at the show.


Nisbets brings juicy offering to 2017 show

Santos is set to unveil the latest addition to its range of juicers at this year’s Caffé Culture Show on Nisbets’ stand. The Santos Cold Press Juicer is designed to offer the ideal solution for juice bars and cafés looking to offer fresh, cold pressed juices on demand in full view of the customer.

BOX 4 -Santos- CopyAn innovative new technique in the art of juicing, cold pressing involves the slow pressing of fresh fruit, vegetables and leafy greens to ensure all of the nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are preserved. The juicer features a robust aluminium body and a stainless steel food zone, in an eye-catching fresh and vibrant green and black design. Santos is exhibiting on stand E25.


Lincat to highlight latest FilterFlow water boilers

Lincat will showcase four of its latest generation FilterFlow models at stand F70 at the Caffè Culture Show. Lincat made a hefty impact on the water boiler market when it introduced the FilterFlow range of automatic water boilers with built-in filtration in 2008.

BOX 5- Lincat EB3FX-HC RightWith enhanced self diagnostics, smaller footprints, timer modes and longer life filter cartridges, the new FilterFlow models, launched in summer last year have endeavoured to set a new foodservice industry standard. Amongst the new models on display will be a twin-tank model that supplies both hot and cold water, a combined boiler chiller unit and two automatic water boilers, including one twin-tap model.


Rational shows that less is more

On stand B1, visitors will experience the smallest Rational unit of all time, the SelfCookingCenter XS in unit size 6 x 2/3 GN. The model offers full Rational power and intelligence despite its minimal dimensions of just 555mm deep, 655mm wide and 567mm high. Rational expert chefs will be on hand to demonstrate how easy it is to prepare different meal occasions with the new generation SelfCookingCenter XS model combi-duo, including grilled breakfast, grab-and-go items, and sweet and savoury baked goods such as pastrami and tomato mini croissants. The chefs will also be preparing light meals, including quinoa, kale, babaganoush and smoked mackerel.

BOX 6 - Rational SelfCookingCenter XS model


The Good Till Co.

The Good Till Co. provides iPad-based POS systems that are designed to give small independent businesses access to the kind of data and business intelligence that used to only be available to major chains and retail giants. The Good Till Co. system is targeted specifically at coffee shops. It is fully customisable, with intuitive software to manage tables, orders, stock and staff, as well as take payments quickly and easily. The firm will be exhibiting on stand E50.

BOX 7 - Good Till_Heckler_WhiteGrey_Highres

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