Caffe Nero goes “old school” to ensure robustness of allergen info

Caffe Nero

The high-profile allergen tragedy case involving Pret A Manger has led to every high street food operator reviewing their labelling and ingredients processes.

Caffe Nero is no exception – and according to its boss it has even reverted to using some traditional communication techniques to ensure staff working at its 700 UK stores are fully briefed on what they need to know.

Asked at the recent Lunch! Show how far down the road the company is with allergens, CEO Will Stratton-Morris replied: “I think we have always obviously — I say obviously because I think Pret would have said obviously too —been very compliant in terms of the legislation around allergens.

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“What that terrible experience with the sesame baguette taught us was the need to go back round everything again and just revisit all products and try and make our communication to customers and to our people simpler and clearer, as much as anything else, so there is no room for a customer to make the wrong choice.”

Mr Stratton-Morris revealed the chain has actually gone a “little bit old school” by reproducing a “quite simple and quite glossy” printed allergen manual covering the whole product range to keep staff informed.

“I think it is going to be an ongoing process and you will need to be as innovative as possible in how you communicate it —the risk, of course, is if you over-communicate and you bombard every label with everything then people see nothing. It is a really important area for us but I think we are well-set to do it well, but we will have to keep reviewing it.”

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