Cafe where every item cost £1 closes after one year

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A London-based cafe where all menu items cost just £1 has shut its doors after less than a year of trading.

Caffix, the brainchild of owner Joe Kaye, was launched in Fitzrovia with the aim of offering city workers an affordable lunch option. Smaller portions of coffee, tea, cakes, sandwiches, salads and drinks were all available to purchase for just £1.

The owners had initially discussed plans to launch Caffix as a chain across the capital and within the UK. According its website this may still be the case as they are apparently ‘reviewing the business’ and state that ‘this is not necessarily “good bye”, but “see you later”.

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The announcement on the company website states: “12 months ago Caffix set itself a mission to enable the people of London to ‘eat fresh, pay less’. Freshly made, quality, tasty food, and premium Italian espresso coffee were the founding principles. We are proud to say we never wavered from this, and were so delighted to be making a difference and putting a smile on the faces of so many people.”

Speaking to The Standard, Mr Kaye revealed that he still had big plans for Caffix and was planning new concepts to bring to the high street: “It’s quite simple, we reviewed the business plan and at the moment, we don’t think it’s sustainable enough for what we want to achieve.

“It’s not gone bust and I’ve not gone bankrupt, we had week-on-week, month-on-month growth until we closed.

“We still have huge plans for Caffix, it just wasn’t moving in the right direction that we felt we need to achieve our future plans.”

“The whole point about Caffix was a fixed price, not necessarily a pound, so we’re looking at the possibility of having two fixed prices but we’re not 100% sure we’re going forward with that.

“I’m not going to rush into something, as a small business owner and entrepeneur I don’t have some of the resources of the conglomerates on the high street so we’re having to take our time.”

Entrepreneur Mr Kaye also owns Finchley-based outlet Bites Coffee House which he plans to develop further.

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