Campaigners take aim at fast food industry outside King’s Cross station

Demonstrators were gathered outside King’s Cross Station today as part of a campaign to try and get the living wage increased for workers in the foodservice industry.

The campaign is being led by the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU), which argues that the minimum wage should be increased to £10 per hour so that working people do not have to be supported with benefits.

The union has previously argued that “low pay, inconsistent shifts and bad management are too widespread in the food industry and allied trades” and has called for wages to be improved.

FEJ’s Mark Harris was at the scene of the protest this morning and was told by participants that the campaign also connects itself with campaigns against racism and, in particular today, the idea that migrants are to blame for driving down wages within the industry.

BFAWU insists that by making work pay and providing a living wage, five million people would be lifted out of poverty and the ballooning benefit bill would be reduced.

It is calling for the Minimum wage to be changed to a “real Living wage” of £10 an hour immediately and wants all discrimination against young workers abolished by ending the lower rates of pay for those under 25, under 21 and under 18-years-old.




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