Capic rolls out cooking combo for volume caterers

Capic Capitop boiling and bratt pan

Grande Cuisine is offering a solution to operators that want to produce bulk volume of soups, stocks, sauces and other dishes without giving away half their kitchen to equipment.

The Capic Capitop is a standalone boiling and bratt pan combination that operates from a single unit with a small footprint.

On one side of the floor-standing unit, a 35-litre stainless steel boiling pan with lid warms cold water in a well insulated double jacket to provide the steam heating. The temperature is closely monitored and regulated by a built-in sensor.

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A removable mixing arm with a Teflon scraper agitates the contents for a consistent result and can be programmed with seven speed settings. Other features include a volumetric water meter, an end of cooking cycle alarm, a removable strainer, and a drain tap.

On the other side of the unit, the 25-litre bratt pan also benefits from accurate temperature control on the base, plus the electric tilt and pour mechanism.

Both sides are controlled from a central touchscreen which can also be pre-programmed with recipes. A central spray hose makes it easy to wash down the pans after use, while the waste is collected in swivelling grease trays.

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