Carpigiani infusion kit extends batch freezer possibilities

Ice cream equipment manufacturer, Carpigiani, has expanded its Maestro batch freezer range with the introduction of a new infusion kit.

The infuser kit, which comes three years after the launch of the Maestro batch freezer range, overhauls the process by removing the need to pre-flavour base mixes.

The optional infuser kit is a hollow drum, positioned in the centre of the beater, within the chamber. The drum can be filled with dry ingredients, spices and other unique flavourings, the kit channels the base mix into through small holes during programmed heat cycles to infuse flavour.

Replacing the need to pre-infuse flavours out of the machine, often for many hours, the new infuser offers aims to significantly slash production time.

The Infuser kit, available as an optional extra, can be fitted retrospectively to Carpigiani Maestro units already purchased, with a remodelled beater and a Carpigiani engineer to add the infusion programme to the pre-set menu.

“The Carpigiani Maestro has been one of our most popular models since launching in 2014,” said Scott Duncan, sales director at Carpigiani UK. “Combining the latest hot-cold-dynamic technology, which allows for heating, and freezing in the same unit, makes the Maestro suitable for wonderful gelato, sorbet, sauce, pastry and cream bases, and it is this versatility that our customers have loved.

“The new Infuser Kit takes this functionality to an all new level by enabling the operator to create gelato and sauce with the most delicate of flavours. We’ve already had chefs creating stunning matcha green tea gelato, or wonderfully subtle earl grey tea gelato using the finest loose leaf tea and placing it in the infusion kit. Or for a truly unique twist, we’ve even had customers producing a smoked salmon gelato by adding flakes of freshly prepared salmon to the kit.”




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