CASE STUDY: Leasing model gives MyLahore access to cutting-edge kit at a cost it can control

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Getting the right equipment for foodservice businesses is vital, but it can be expensive, especially in the context of opening a new business or refurbishing existing locations.

To help meet this need, Rational launched a leasing scheme with CF Capital PLC, which allows operators to take advantage of the benefits of the iCombi Pro and iVario Pro cooking systems while minimising the initial outlay and helping to control running costs.

Muhammad Romanowicz of Northern Catering Equipment (NCE) has seen the benefits of leasing Rational Equipment first-hand.

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“It’s the ideal solution for many clients,” he explains. “Over the last year we’ve seen a significant increase in operators choosing this route.”

Recently NCE helped with the refurbishing of MyLahore’s catering kitchen as well as the group’s flagship restaurant in Bradford. The catering kitchen handles catering for a variety of events, with a capacity of 10,000 meals, as well as providing food for six restaurants and a marquee venue.

With a diverse, British Asian fusion menu influenced by the food culture of Lahore in Pakistan, they needed equipment capable of handling a range of different cooking styles, in large quantities.

Rational equipment was the perfect choice for them, with the newly designed intelligent systems of the iCombi Pro and iVario Pro helping to make it simple to produce large amounts of food, as well as allowing a variety of different meals to be prepared simultaneously.

“The refurbishment of our sites coincided with the launch of Rational’s latest equipment,” says Ghafoor Farooq, food and innovation director of MyLahore.

“We’ve worked with Rational equipment in the past. After Muhammad took us through the options it was clear that the level of control offered by the new intelligent systems, as well as the ability to control recipes on the equipment in all of our kitchens via ConnectedCooking, meant that the iCombi Pro and iVario Pro were exactly what we were looking for.

“After examining MyLahore’s requirements we settled on an iCombi Pro 20-2/1 and iVario Pro XL for the catering kitchen and iCombi Pro XSs for their restaurants,” says Muhammad. “Then we suggested leasing the equipment. The benefits were overwhelming, being able to take advantage of the latest equipment while keeping costs down would help to free up funds for the rest of the refurbishment.”

Rational worked alongside NCE and CF Capital to ensure that everything ran smoothly. David Long, Rational’s regional sales manager, says, “We were really delighted to be playing an integral role in such an exciting and well-run project.”

CF Capital has wide experience of working with a variety of customers, from restaurant chains to schools and much more.

“Every business has its own requirements,” says Leah Wright of CF Capital. “Enabling them to get the right equipment is hugely important, and CF Capital is able to use its experience to make sure this happens as quickly as possible.”

In the case of MyLahore, the decision took a matter of days. “Once we passed the details to CF Capital they had signed off on the deal within 48 hours,” says Muhammad. “It’s a great team – they’re very responsive and they know their stuff. We’ve been more than happy to recommend them to our clients since Rational introduced us to them last year.”

Leah Wright has seen more and more businesses move to leasing equipment recently. “In the current climate, with many businesses working to tighter budgets it helps them to get the equipment they need rather than the equipment they can afford at that point in time. For example, a Rational cooking system can cost from as little as £5 per day.”

With the refurbishment complete, the new equipment has been exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Tom Bentham, Rational’s corporate chef, has been on site supporting training and helping with product development and programming, to ensure MyLahore get the maximum benefit from the new cooking systems.

“It’s been brilliant,” says Ghafoor Farooq. “One of the main reasons for the investment was to ensure we maintain excellence, quality and consistency when making larger volumes. Rational’s equipment gives us enormous flexibility, allowing us to cook more food in less time, with lower running costs. Add in the savings we’re making by leasing it, and we’re talking about an unbeatable proposition.”

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