Catering dealer offers flexible finance to operators facing budget constraints

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The days of operators struggling to finance big catering equipment purchases could be over thanks to the availability of more flexible payment programmes, a UK kitchen dealer has suggested.

Yorkshire catering equipment distributor General Catering Solutions (GCS) said it has been working to provide more innovative financing options after recognising the challenging conditions operators face and high failure rates in the sector.

Amjad Alikhan, managing director of the Doncaster-based outfit, insists its responsibility as a distributor is no longer confined to just offering the correct product, leading it to explore new ways in which it can ensure equipment is accessible to clients.

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“We need to be looking at how the end-user can actually obtain that product or service in the most cost-effective way possible,” he explained.

“We have now partnered with a finance business which offers exclusive market-leading rates to pay for the equipment over a period of time. That is vital in order to lower the initial cost of purchase, which is so prohibited to buying quality innovative equipment.”

Additionally, it has worked closely with suppliers to create several unique initiatives that provide customers with a lower monthly payment schedule but which still encompass servicing, chemicals and preventative maintenance.

Due to the tax breaks available through the scheme, the cost of some equipment over a three-year period works out more favourably than an outright purchase, Mr Alikhan said.

“This still isn’t the norm for our industry, unlike cars or mobile phones in which outright purchase is barely used now. But with budgets tightening and cash being more important than ever, we felt it is exactly the right time to offer premium equipment but with a solution which enables even the smallest of operators an opportunity to use the best products available.”

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